Everybody knows that Netflix shows are popular, although it's hard to lock down just how that "common" information can be gleaned, since the streaming giant famously keeps its viewing statistics outside of the public eye. Sure, there are millions upon millions of subscribers that constantly have Netflix up and running, but when you consider a half-billion hours of Adam Sandler movies have been streamed at this point, there are no guarantees that any TV shows are getting watched. But they are, of course.

Social research firm Fizziology has stepped in to offer a particularly telling look at the popularity of Netflix's series through the prism of Twitter, since hard numbers clearly aren't happening. The study looked at the first week of release for Netflix's original series and then counted up how many times each show was mentioned through tweets. As you can imagine, a ton of social media posts were tallied, and they led to some results that are as surprising as the shows themselves. (Full disclosure, it does seem like several popular series have been left out.) Let's kick things off with a star-studded comedy that has little time for age demographics.

13. Grace and Frankie

According to Fizziology (via Business Insider), Grace and Frankie landed at #13, which is generally an unlucky number, but not at all a bad position to be in on Netflix, considering the service has dozens of originals in play at this point. With Marta Kauffman, creator of Friends, guiding the creative decisions with a cast that's led by Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, Grace and Frankie won over audiences and critics with a comedic look at how age doesn't dictate behavior. Something that's sure to get some social media love is Friends vet Lisa Kudrow reuniting with Kauffman for a Season 4 appearance.

Tweets In First Week: 25,036

12. House of Cards

Netflix could be called "The House That Frank Underwood Built," since the success of the political drama House of Cards vaulted Netflix into critics' conversations and awards ceremonies back in 2013. The David Fincher-produced series might have gained equal acclaim had it been a more straight-laced take on Washington D.C., but by providing hyper-dramatic and soapy situations for customers to binge and howll at whenever they wanted, House of Cards instantly became a target for attention all across the Internet as Netflix's first Original. And while some of its fanfare has died down in the wake of newer series, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are still the King and Queen of Streaming.

Tweets In First Week: 70,514

11. Bloodline

It was impossible to know what to expect from Bloodline when it premiered, with Kyle Chandler leading a stellar ensemble up and around the dark and twisted branches of a fractured family tree. But audiences responded very kindly, and people couldn't stop talking about how amazing Ben Mendelsohn's performance was, as well as how stress-inducing the deadly central storyline remained. And, yeah, maybe some of it was people talking about the joy of getting Friday Night Lights' Coach Taylor back on the small screen. Bloodline is getting ready to put its third and final season out there, and we're betting social media is going to light up with the Rayburn family's destined implosion.

Tweets In First Week: 83,538

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