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Arrow Season 7 has been jam-packed with crazy reveals, and with so many story arcs going on, some characters' development has fallen by the wayside. That said, The CW series hasn't forgotten about this season's lesser-celebrated characters, and showrunner Beth Schwartz recently took to social media to confirm that. Schwartz revealed an upcoming script for a new episode, which seems to hint that Diggle is finally getting a big episode here soon.

The episode's title "Spartan" would seem to reference Diggle's heroic alter ego, which is somewhat strange given how Arrow Season 7 has gone so far. Diggle's primarily been helping Lyla at A.R.G.U.S., and had seemingly left his vigilante alter ego behind with his new job. With this upcoming episode, fans may see Diggle suit up yet again when the situation calls for Spartan's return.

There's also the possibility of this being an Arrow flashback episode that could tie into the flash forward story line, which recently revealed his adult son Connor Hawke. Diggle's fate in the Arrow-verse future is up in the air, although it wouldn't be surprising to see he's fallen back into old habits considering all the stuff happening there. There's also a possibility of this being an episode with flashbacks, which would further detail the character's origins.

Arrow fans who responded to Beth Schwartz's post were thrilled, with quite a few saying a John Diggle episode was well-deserved and overdue. Some are hoping for more on the character's background, while others are wondering if this episode will explain some of the odd behavior the character has shown throughout Season 7. The verdict's out on those answers, although TVLine did tease an army general from Diggle's past would come into play at some point in the season.

The two men, defined as "estranged" in the report, will come together in an unexpected situation. This might lead to Diggle donning the Spartan suit, either to bring down his former colleague or to aid him in something that A.R.G.U.S. may not approve of. If that were the case, he would probably pick another identity they don't know about for the hero work, so maybe this persona coming back is Lyla-approved?

To be quite honest, this is the most exciting thing to happen to Diggle ever since he was teased to have a Green Lantern doppelganger in the "Elseworlds" crossover. Chances are that's not happening on Arrow anytime soon, so this standalone story will work in the meantime for those eager to see something fun happening with John this season.

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