Young Sheldon May Not Actually Inherit The Big Bang Theory's Timeslot

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The Big Bang Theory is nearing the end of its run. That is a guarantee. What is not as much of one is which CBS series will inherit its timeslot. One of the shows you may have expected to get that slot is Young Sheldon.

On the surface, The Big Bang Theory’s successful spinoff seems like a natural fit for the slot. Well, it may or may not inherit the slot after all. This is according to what CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl told The Wrap about the timeslot moving forward:

We’re fortunate to have another show lined up, a young show lined up and teed up to maybe take its spot. We hope it’s Sheldon, but it’s not necessarily a given to go in that timeslot. It’s good to have that and knowing you can use that to kind of build off of and still have some pockets of strength in comedy.

Young Sheldon sounds like the heir apparent to its predecessor series’ slot, but nothing is certain at this point. It has had time to grow an audience during its two-season run. The series has undoubtedly benefited from having The Big Bang Theory’s lead-in. Now, it is about to navigate something it never has before. It is heading into the 2019-2020 season without the smash hit paving the way. Next season should be a significant one for the comedy.

Young Sheldon already has certain things to breathe easy about. The spinoff is guaranteed not just one more season, but two. In February, CBS renewed Young Sheldon for a third and fourth season, so the Eye Network clearly has faith in the series. Given that Young Sheldon has been doing so well in its current slot, it begs the question. Why mess with success?

Well, its current timeslot is built on a very critical formula: back-to-back with Big Bang Theory. The current schedule guarantees a full hour of Big Bang Theory-related goodness. That is something CBS and its popular spinoff will have to prepare to be without next season.

Moving Young Sheldon forward a half-hour would not be a super big deal. Viewers would just have to catch it 30 minutes earlier than usual. It would also offer a new comedy the chance to have a seasoned lead-in behind it. With The Big Bang Theory having ended next season, Young Sheldon should be an easy favorite to carry the comedy’s mantle. What is the young show that could take the spot, though?

Lead-ins tend to be very important when it comes to TV ratings. The thing is, if Young Sheldon stays where it is, people may tune in a little early to it and have their curiosity piqued by seeing a snippet of the previous show. Thus, leading to them checking it out next week. It may sound like an unusual strategy, but it could work. Either way, Young Sheldon is in good hands.

It does sound like Young Sheldon is the show to beat for the timeslot. Time will tell if it stays put or not. Continue watching as new episodes of the final season of The Big Bang Theory air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Its spinoff Young Sheldon airs right after it on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

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