Why The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon And Amy Might Start Having Kids

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory. Be sure to head over to one of our other lovely articles until you've caught up and can read without worry!

Amy and Sheldon's relationship has grown by leaps and bounds in just the past few seasons on The Big Bang Theory. After being friends for quite a while and then dating very chastely for several years, the couple began having sex (only once a year, but still...), moved in together, and then got married, all in just a couple of years. Now, fans shouldn't be surprised if there's some baby talk going on by the end of the series in a few weeks, and it's all because Amy has decided to sort of trick Sheldon into liking kids. Here's what happened.

The writers did a very good job of hiding the point of this episode, because everything starts with Penny and Bernadette, who are working together to roll out the new drug that Bernadette got approved, heading off to a pharmaceutical conference in San Diego for the weekend. This leaves Howard at home alone to look after Halley and Michael, and while Bernadette gives him a bit of trouble about having so much time with solo daddy duties on his hands, she knows he can handle it and heads off without fear.

We know that Howard could have handled a whole weekend taking care of the kids by himself, but he decides to ask for help from his buddies. After Bernadette leaves, he heads to Stewart's comic shop, where Raj, Leonard and Sheldon are doing their usual browsing. He gives poor Stewart a scare when he walks in without the kids and pretends to think they would be in the shop with him (quickly revealing that they were in daycare), but then asks the guys if they'd like to join him in watching his kids and maybe playing some board games. Raj and Leonard agree, but Sheldon begs off, noting that he's not interested in spending his Saturday with Howard's "loud, sticky babies."

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But, when we find the guys at Howard's the next day playing a game, it's not long before Amy and Sheldon show up. When Leonard wonders why Sheldon would change his mind, he notes that they were out at a bookstore and he found a book called "Experimenting with Babies" and wants to try some things out on Michael and Halley. Because Howard is no dummy, though, he immediately says no. But, when Amy looks over the book she tells everyone that all the experiments are really very harmless, noting that one just has you put your baby in front of a mirror to see how they react to a full view of themself. That prompts Howard to say that it seems like these experiments are actually more like playing with your baby, so he's down with trying a few things from the book when they wake up.

It's not until Howard calls a time out on the baby experiments because they need to be fed that we realize what's really been going on with Sheldon (and Amy, for that matter). When Howard, the babies and Sheldon adjourn to the kitchen, Raj tells Amy he never thought he'd see Sheldon enjoying himself with babies so much and asks her how Sheldon just happened to see a book about doing experiments with babies on the day he was supposed to hang with Howard’s kids. She says not to make too much of it, but, as we all know, Raj is surprisingly clued in to women's thought processes...at least when they have nothing to do with him.

Raj doesn't give up, and comes right out and asks Amy, "You really think you can trick Sheldon into liking babies?" Her response shows a delightful confidence we don't usually see in Amy, when she says, "I had sex with him. I married him. You wanna bet against me?" When Sheldon gets back into the room and she tells him they need to leave, Sheldon asks if she thinks Howard will let them do more with the kids, and when she says they can offer to take them to the park, Sheldon says that she's got a good idea because it means access to more babies he might experiment on.

If that doesn't convince you that Amy's little play is working, when they're getting ready for bed that night, Sheldon tells her that spending the day with Howard's kids did actually make him think about their future children, mostly that the number they have will need to be divisible by three (as in three sets of triplets, for example), and while Amy is taken aback at the number of children he'd like to have, she knows that baby things are now on track. There's just the question now of how fast things will move and how many experiments Amy will allow Sheldon to do on their first born.

We don't have long to wait now to see if Amy's plan will work by the end of the series, so keep up with The Big Bang Theory when it airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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