Last Man Standing Adds Toy Story 4 Joke To Tim Allen-Directed Episode

Tim Allen as Mike Baxter on Last Man Standing on Fox

Tim Allen directed last night's Last Man Standing Season 7, "The Passion of Paul." It featured the return of a couple of fan favorite characters, and included a sly little Toy Story 4 joke in honor of the Buzz Lightyear actor.

Bill Engvall returned for another episode as Reverend Paul, with Kaitlyn Dever finally back for more wise advice as the Baxters' youngest daughter, Eve Baxter. She's only a recurring character in Season 7, since Eve is now enrolled at the Academy.

In a couple of different scenes, the Baxter girls sat together trying to vote on another DVD to pop in for movie night -- a Sandra Bullock movie, one with Julia Roberts, etc. While flipping through potential titles, Eve Baxter dropped this classic Toy Story 4 joke, which the audience appreciated:

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Yeah, how would Mike Baxter get a copy of Toy Story 4 three months early?

Last Man Standing started out on ABC in 2011 but moved to Fox last year after ABC cancelled it. Season 7 came with several cast changes -- including Molly McCook now playing Mandy Baxter and Jet Jurgensmeyer as Boyd Baxter, with Krista Marie Yu added to the cast as exchange student Jen.

Last Man Standing Season 7 is meant to have 22 episodes, like most of the previous seasons. So that means the season is winding down, like so many now that we're in midseason 2019. There are only a few weeks left after the Friday, March 22 Episode 19. Season 8 is all but a given, but Fox plans to move the comedy to a new night so WWE can air Fridays.

Last Man Standing Season 7 has done pretty well in the ratings, reclaiming the top spot last week. It will be interesting to see how it does on a new night, wherever it goes. Friday isn't exactly the most coveted night for a show to debut, but right now it's kind of a big fish in a small pond. Many other nights have more competition. Then again, a sitcom like The Big Bang Theory is ending this year, so that's one competition down.

Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, although it looks like next Friday, March 29 is another repeat (Episode 9, "The Gift of the Mike Guy"). Toy Story 4 opens in theaters this summer on June 21; here's more of what we know so far about that movie, including that it made Tim Allen pretty emotional.

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