American Horror Story's Season 9 Title Revealed With A Creepy New Video

It's been a while since American Horror Story fans had something to get excited about, seeing as how Apocalypse ended back in November, and the only big news we've heard about Season 9 is that Evan Peters isn't involved. (Or so he says.) Now, though, series co-creator Ryan Murphy has gone public with the title and possible theme/genre for the new season. Check it out!

That's right, everybody. The star-studded horror anthology is leaving behind its futuristic armageddon for a trip back to the past for American Horror Story: 1984. Rather than just offering up the title without any hints of context, the AHS team created a short video that seemingly reveals the sub-genre that viewers can look forward to seeing: slasher horror!

Sure, American Horror Story has had its share of spooky murderers in the past, but by showing us a mysterious killer stalking a girl through the woods, the series is clearly going harder on aping unstoppable -killer flicks like Friday the 13th. That would put this season of AHS more in line with the first season of Ryan Murphy's short-lived Fox thriller Scream Queens.

Because it's AHS, though, I'd expect for there to be some kind of a subverted twist involved, where the real killer isn't one of the human characters, but it's actually "Bon Jovi music" or something. For all the bonkers predictions and guesses that can be made for this, I'm going with "Sarah Paulson won't be the first victim."

Check out the video below, which is put to the tune of Billie Ellish's "Six Feet Under." (Considering how gigantic the pop star has gotten in the past year, I wouldn't be surprised if Ellish herself was cast in Season 9 or 10.)

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Considering how heavily Ryan Murphy & Co. have drawn from horror's past (both fictional and real-world) for previous seasons, a slasher-heavy theme could create some truly iconic set pieces. Some of the most famous movie villains come from the slash-happy genre, including Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Michael Myers, and more. If somebody is having a nightmare where they're babysitting a kid who has a doll wearing a hockey mask, our TVs might explode.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse managed to work in its share of MCU references, especially in the beginning of the season. (Perhaps the best was Evan Peters' scene set to "Time in a Bottle," which called back to his X-Men: Days of Future Past scene when Quicksilver helped Magneto escape prison.) Can we maybe expect to see some DCEU references in Season 9, considering AHS now has the same subtitle as the upcoming sequel Wonder Woman: 1984?

While no specific release dates have been set yet for American Horror Story: 1984, expect to see it debuting on FX this September.

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