Patty Jenkins Calls Wonder Woman 1984 Mind-Blowing

Diana looking at screens in Wonder Woman 1984

Things are really heating up in the DC Universe, as Warner Bros. is currently riding the wave of Aquaman's success. James Wan's underwater adventure has made a record breaking amount of money at the box office, while providing the first DC critical hit since Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman. There are a ton of exciting new blockbusters coming down the pipeline, although Jenkins' sequel Wonder Woman 1984 is arguably the most hotly anticipated.

Another period piece illuminating Diana's past, Wonder Woman 1984 will reunite the likes of Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen-- alongside newcomers like Kristin Wiig and Pedro Pascal. While it's not set to arrive until 2020, Patty Jenkins recently teased a few aspects of the film, and recently revealed the visuals for the sequel are going to blow your mind. As she tells it,

She was so great in such a great era and we do get to capture that. The only thing I can tell you is that it went really well, we just finished shooting, and yeah, the actors are incredible. We did a ton of the stuff on wires and it looks mind-blowing.

Does anyone else have chills? Patty Jenkins brought some glorious visuals to the first Wonder Woman movie, so it's exciting to hear that the upcoming sequel is perhaps even more impressive. While the first movie put Diana in the middle of World War I, Wonder Woman 1984 will jump up a few decades to the 80's. Technology and mankind's destructive power only continued to grow, so Wonder Woman should be facing off against new and exciting challenges in whatever action sequences Jenkins has crafted.

Patty Jenkins' comments to Deadline are sure to excite the many DC fans out there, who can't wait for Gal Gadot's kind and fierce warrior to return to the silver screen. While she reprised her role in Zack Snyder's Justice League, the movie was a box office and critical failure. This was no fault of Gadot's, but the countless fans who saw Wonder Woman in theaters are no doubt hoping that the title character will get more room to grow and shine in Wonder Woman 1984 and the already developing threequel.

The action sequences in the first Wonder Woman also showed Diana truly coming into her own as a superpowered hero among men. Serving as an origin story, Wonder Woman was shown improvising in Man's World, and becoming instrumental in a few conflict during WII. The No Man's Land sequence was particularly thrilling, as the DC heroine faces off against enemy forces in Belgium. She faced a battalion largely on her own-- getting a little help from Steve Trevor and the rest of the crew that were teased in Diana's photo from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be yet another period piece for the titular hero, but the time jump should ensure that the sequel is wholly unique to the original. Diana will have been living in Man's World for decades now, seeing how their technology has continued developing. Now the question is: how the hell is Steve Trevor being brought back?

Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984

While Wonder Woman 1984 went into production in June of 2018, very little is known about Patty Jenkins' second installment in the DC Universe. While the time setting and principal cast has been announced, Jenkins and the crew have been keeping their cards close to the chest. And it makes sense, given the year and change still let to wait before the movie finally arrives in theaters.

Principal photography for Wonder Woman's sequel reportedly wrapped in December of 2018, after the project was shot for a whopping six months. But there's likely going to be some reshoots involved-- as there are with most blockbusters. Perhaps even more wire work and impressive visuals are on the way as well. What's clear is that Patty Jenkins has a clear vision for her protagonist, and fans are just eager for any information ahead of the project's delayed release.

Narratively, it seems like Patty Jenkins could go just about anywhere with Wonder Woman 1984. Diana will once again be put in center of a worldwide conflict, this time being the Cold War. While obviously a catalyst for mind-blowing action, the adventure will also no doubt resonate with Diana's psyche, and illuminate her continued journey as a hero.

Perhaps the Cold War relates to Diana's heart growing colder, after living among men for so long. Wonder Woman found a love interest with Chris Pine's Steve Trevor in the first film, but the American hero ultimately sacrificed himself. It's an event that has stayed with her in her decades of life on Earth, as it was briefly addressed in Justice League. Of course, Steve Trevor is mysteriously returning for the sequel.

When the first images came from Wonder Woman 1984, fans were surprised to see Steve Trevor looking well, and apparently not having aged a day since we last saw him in Wonder Woman. Standing in what looks like an 80's shopping mall, it's a complete mystery as to how Steve will re-enter the narrative. Perhaps Diana is simply seeing vision of her former lover, and he's not actually there. But Chris Pine is being billed as a major presence in the blockbuster, so the mystery continues.

Wonder Woman fans are also eager to meet one of her most iconic villains: Cheetah, played by Kristin Wiig. Arguably her biggest nemesis, Wiig will begin playing Barbara Ann Minerva, a British archaeologist who is accidentally given the powers of a Cheetah goddess. We'll get to see her go toe to toe with Diana, likely giving a more traditional villain to Wonder Woman 1984 than its predecessor.

Game of Thrones and Narcos favorite Pedro Pascal also has a mysterious role, although there's been no hint as to what it might be. Let's just hope that Wonder Woman 1984 doesn't take a hint from Captain Marvel and draw out revealing who exactly he'll be playing. Because while that movie is set to arrive shortly, Jude Law's character name still hasn't been confirmed by the studio.

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently set to arrive in theaters on June 5, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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