The Flash Fans Shouldn't Expect Barry And Iris To Immediately Forgive Nora For Her Lies

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Nora's big secret is finally out on The Flash, and now that Team Flash has learned of her deception, it appears that's going to get in the way of her relationship with everyone going forward. In fact, Danielle Panabaker has revealed the news is even going to hit her parents hard, and that fans shouldn't expect Barry and Iris to immediately forgive Nora for her collaboration with the team's greatest foe:

That storyline is going to continue even past this week’s episode a bit. The betrayal that Barry feels is devastating to him, and as parents, he and Iris have to deal with this struggle that we have seen in a couple different ways this season, but never at this level.

Barry and Iris have a lot of love for their future daughter, but obviously, this one's going to take some time to move on from. Nora teamed up with the guy that literally killed Barry's mother and her grandma, and intentionally kept the news from them because she knew it wouldn't be well-received. As Danielle Panabaker told TVLine, this is a level of disappointment that's going to take more than an episode to shake off.

The Killer Frost actress knows a lot about the situation, as the series' April 16 episode "Godspeed" marks her directorial debut on The Flash. Previews for the episode have shown Nora still in the pipeline, which is where Barry put her almost immediately after she revealed the truth. The decision had to be heartbreaking, albeit necessary so that Team Flash doesn't have to worry about her using her powers in any plot against everyone else.

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Of course, The Flash audience knows that Nora is likely being duped by Reverse Flash rather than a collaborator in some plan. She is collaborating in the sense she's been doing everything he's instructed, but with things going increasingly wrong, it appears the villain is using her for some secret plot she isn't aware of. We have yet to find out what that plot could be, although one would think it's tied to the potential game-changing crossover "Crisis On Infinite Earths."

With all of that said, one would imagine that Barry and Iris will eventually figure out Nora's intentions were pure (we hope), and give XS another chance to prove herself to Team Flash. After all, Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco were deceived by Eobard Thawne throughout a bulk of Season 1, so they can understand his deceptive nature better than anyone. Nora should've known better, but it's not like she can't ever be forgiven for this mistake.

After weeks of waiting, The Flash returns to The CW Tuesday, April 16. Stick with CinemaBlend for the latest on what's happening with Team Flash, as well as other breaking news in television and other forms of entertainment.

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