Jersey Shore Stars Want Sammi Sweetheart Back For Family Vacation Season 3

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Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola may never appear in a Jersey Shore-affiliated series again, but that doesn't mean her friends won't keep trying to bring her back via public statements and pleas. Jersey Shore Family Vacation and Double Shot At Love reality stars Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D recently shared their thoughts on the matter, and Pauly made it clear he really wants Sammi back for another season.

I just think we started this whole thing together, let’s keep it going all together and regardless of what you got going on with your life, showcase that — tell that story.

Pauly D wants Sammi Sweetheart on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, even if she's no longer about that life. The revival has seen several transformations and life changes in each former Jersey Shore cast member's life, and MTV has been accommodating with rolling with the various changes everyone is going through. Surely the network would do the same for Sammi and, as Pauly D said to The Jenny McCarthy Show (via Asbury Park Press), tell her own story.

Right now, Sammi Sweetheart's story is that she's happily engaged, and while she's made time for her friends in the past year, she still appears rather disinterested in appearing on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. As Sammi mentioned in a statement when folks first started asking if she'd return, she's happy with where she's at in life, and doesn't want to join the show and get into potentially toxic situations.

There was no shortage of toxicity on Jersey Shore, and a lot of it came from Sammi's relationship with her ex-boyfriend Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Ronnie's drama has continued on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, and there's been enough hints that things would only intensify with her around. Ronnie confessed in Season 1 that he still had feelings for his ex, and in Season 2 revealed his baby mama Jen Harley taunted him with pictures of Sammi and her fiance during a fight.

The rest of the cast is aware of Sammi's reservations, and also understand why she's not falling over herself to be a part of Season 3. With that said, Vinny openly admitted that he's not in favor of Sammi's reasoning, and thinks he'd weather something equally as uncomfortable if the money was right.

I understand why that whole separation thing is happening, I understand where she ‘s coming from, I don’t say I agree with it. We do live in really close quarters with each other that she would have to relive that a little bit. I would do it if you paid me enough, I would relive anything.

Vinny is not Sammi Sweetheart, however, and she's managed to successfully reject any and all offers that have been sent her way for two seasons now. Perhaps there's a price she's looking for before agreeing, or she truly is committed to staying out of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Fans can still cross their fingers that Sammi Sweetheart will return to Jersey Shore Family Vacation anyway, as Season 3 is expected to air on MTV this summer.

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