Sammi Sweetheart Might Have Been Referenced On Jersey Shore Family Vacation In The Wildest Way

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode "Jewish Barbie." Read at your own risk!

As is the new tradition in Season 2 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Ronnie and his baby mama Jen Harley were fighting. This particular texting exchange appeared to be worse than some of the former ones they've shared, however, and possibly led to a bizarre Sammi Sweetheart reference in the wildest way. Ronnie broke down what was happening in the confessional.

Right now, I'm going back and forth with Jen. She's sending me pictures of my ex saying 'Oh that's how happy I'm gonna be and she's so happy because she's not with you.'

Now, we're not entirely sure whether or not Jen was referring to another ex of Ronnie's but it's no secret he and Sammi Sweetheart had a long-term relationship. The former couple's relationship had its ups and downs through most of Jersey Shore, and the couple eventually split for good in 2016. Both Ronnie and Sammi have appeared on Jersey Shore themed reunions since then, but never at the same time.

Suffice to say, there's a lot to suggest Jen Harley was sending the Jersey Shore Family Vacation castmember pictures of Sammi Sweetheart. That said, Ronnie never made a direct mention of Sammi in his statement and is known to have at least dated Malika Haqq before dating Jen Harley. While fans may never know whether it was Sammi that Ronnie was talking about, Vinny tweeted about the incident while it went down and seemingly hinted that it was what folks were thinking.

The Sammi Sweetheart breakup might be one of Ronnie's buttons that Jen Harley had chosen to press, as Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 1 seemed to show he still had feelings for his former girlfriend. In a somewhat startling confession, Ronnie broke down what led to his and Sammi's breakup, and talked about the uncertainty of his relationship with his then-pregnant girlfriend Jen.

It was only the beginning of what has been a bumpy ride for the couple in 2018. The two have had a fair few nasty fights on social media, and Harley has twice had warrants put out for her arrest after incidents of violence against her boyfriend. Ronnie, of course, is not without blame as he was seen cheating on the pregnant Harley in Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 1, and might be doing it again in Season 2.

Meanwhile, Sammi Sweetheart has had confirmed appearances around the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast, and recently posed with the show's women at Deena's baby shower. With The Situation headed to prison and Jen Harley hinting she'd like Ronnie to leave the show, it's possible MTV may be in talks with Sammi about appearing in a potential Season 3. Sammi initially declined to return, but could always change her mind and join up with her friends in a potential Season 3.

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