Hulu's Catch-22 Trailer: Watch George Clooney And Kyle Chandler Lead A Confusion-Filled War Effort

The full trailer for the star-studded Hulu miniseries Catch-22 is here. No, there is no catch to watching it or the show itself. If you enjoyed the previous peek of George Clooney not looking very happy in the first look, prepare yourself. You are about to see a lot more of him and Kyle Chandler. Check out the trailer below:

Did you catch all of that? There was a lot to see. George Clooney is working a mode that's in between his work in Men Who Stare at Goats and Leatherheads. And, it is working for him. Plus, goats even make an appearance. Full circle, anyone? In the trailer, the Oscar-winning actor is giving it his all as Scheisskopf.

Armed with a marvelous mustache, George Clooney is ready for awards season action. Based on this trailer alone, it seems evident that he will be in the conversation, in my opinion.

Highly likely to join him is none other than Coach Taylor, aka Kyler Chandler, who looks to be doing magnificent work here too. Do not expect the actor to give the motivational locker room speeches he did on Friday Night Lights. Instead, Chandler is dishing out beyond deflating news in the Catch-22 trailer.

On a side note, George Clooney was initially set to play the role that Kyle Chandler portrays in Catch-22, that of Colonel Cathcart. In the trailer, the character has a defining and record-scratching moment wherein he lets the men know some deeply upsetting news, and announces that he has decided their mission count will go from 25 to 30.

Now to another star of the series. That would be Christopher Abbot, who plays U.S. Air Force bombardier John Yossarian. He is the lead character at the fore of Catch-22. As seen in the trailer, Yossarian wants to get out of his WWII military service by getting declared insane.

The thing is, that is sort of impossible and for a counterintuitive reason. According to the rules, John Yossarian’s very desire to be removed from duty serves as an indication that he is sane. Thus, he does not qualify to be dismissed from service. Hence, the “Catch-22.”

If Christopher Abbott looks familiar, there is a possible reason. Did you watch The Sinner? Abbott starred in the first season of the USA series opposite Jessica Biel. Abbott played the crestfallen and devoted husband of Biel’s character. Considering the darkness of that drama, Catch-22 is undoubtedly a departure for the actor. The Hulu mini is described as a satirical dark comedy.

The series is an adaptation of Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22. It will be comprised of six episodes. Kyle Chandler and George Clooney are joined by Hugh Laurie as Major de Coverley. Lots of stars in one place. “May” you need anything more?

Catch-22 premieres May 17 on Hulu.

Britt Lawrence

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