MythBusters' Adam Savage Tries To Build An Iron Man Suit And More For Awesome New Show

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For years, Adam Savage entertained the masses alongside his co-host Jamie Hyneman on their hit Discovery series MythBusters. Three years ago, the duo ended their long run of using science to disprove some of pop culture’s greatest myths. Fast forward to 2019 and Savage is returning to similar subject matter with a newly announced show.

Adam Savage will lead Savage Builds, will will first air on Science before later airing on Discovery, a.k.a. the former home of MythBusters. As the title makes it partly clear, the series will see Savage take on the “biggest and baddest builds of his career.” The series will focus on one challenging and complicated project per episode.

If that was not exciting enough news, there is more. Among the marvels (wink) that Adam Savage tackles will be an Iron Man suit! Yes! Adam Savage will work on bringing a titanium suit of armor inspired by the Iron Man movies to life. He hopes to use 3D-printing to make a suit that flies. Prepare for lift off!

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Adam Savage will collaborate with inventor Richard Browning for the suit, according to THR. Browning is the mind behind the famous Gravity Jet Suit, and is the co-founder of Gravity Industries. To say he is an excellent choice would be putting it mildly, since Browning has a reputation as a real-life Iron Man. Will he and Savage get their Iron Man suit off the ground? There is a strong reason to hope.

On Twitter, Adam Savage promoted the upcoming series and the Iron Man episode. In one of those tweets, you can get a pretty awesome look at the suit that viewers will get to see on Savage Builds. Check it out below:

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I cannot wait to see what Adam Savage and Richard Browning did! All that piece of armor, Savage shows off in his picture needs is some crimson paint. Along with some with gold accents and it will be a total match. The most significant difference is that unlike Hollywood’s props, what Adam Savage is posing with may actually have practical applications.

This episode is one that will definitely be on my watchlist. On MythBusters, Adam Savage usually had to dismantle myths that Hollywood showed as functional. Now, he will be working to make one of its most incredibly portrayed inventions a real product. There is a symmetry to that, which makes the two shows companion pieces in a sense.

Savage Builds won't just be about Iron Man, of course. A separate episode will focus on builds for another movie-related project, this one inspired by Mad Max. Adam Savage will work with inventor, maker, and roboticist Simone Giertz, as well as and maker Laura Kampf, to build three “postapocalyptic monsters of destruction.” As if that is not enough of a challenge, they're upping the ante by only using junk cars and salvage material for the build.

Then there will be an episode focused on The Great Panjandrum, the WWII rocket-propelled explosive weapon created (or not created, really) by British military. NASA engineer Adam Steltzner, who is the lead engineer of the Mars Science Lab’s EDL (Entry, Descent, Landing phase), will collaborate on that project. Find out how it turns out!

After everyone sees Avengers: Endgame this weekend and beyond, there will probably be a sense of sadness. But anyone in need of something Iron Man-related to look forward to can take comfort in presuming that Adam Savage’s Savage Builds should be just the ticket.

You will not have to wait too much longer to see Adam Savage take on these engineering projects. Savage Builds will debut in June on Science. Stay tuned for a more specific date and time, and check out Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame when it hits theaters April 26.

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