Legends Of Tomorrow Delivered A Huge Betrayal That Plays Right Into Neron's Hands

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 13 of Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, called "Egg MacGuffin."

Legends of Tomorrow is often goofy and over-the-top in the best ways, and the latest episode delivered no shortage of crazy plot twists, but there was definitely a less-than-goofy development on the Neron front. After taking possession of Ray Palmer last week, Neron fought to take control of Ray, as a compliant vessel is much easier to handle than a resistant one.

It wasn't until Neron-Ray started beating the stuffing out of Nate that Ray broke and gave in, unwilling to let his science bro be beat to death with his hands. Constantine arrived on the scene in time to immobilize Neron-Ray, and all he needed was an assist from Gary to close the deal and get rid of Neron. Unfortunately, he didn't count on a big betrayal from an unexpected person: Gary.

Gary had been working as a sort of intern to Constantine on the Waverider while Constantine was off trying to find a way to wake up Nora, but he didn't really prove up to the challenge. When he figured out that Neron was possessing Ray, he was tempted by Neron's promise to restore what he had lost if only Gary would help him.

Now, compared to characters like Sara and Constantine who have gone through hell and back, Gary's suffering may seem negligible. To Gary, however, his loss from earlier in Season 4 was so traumatic that he gave in to a demon to restore it. What loss is this? Why, the nipple he lost in the effort to get rid of the unicorn, of course!

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Oh, Legends of Tomorrow. Never change.

Yes, Gary betrayed the Legends and the Time Bureau in order to get his nipple back from Neron, and Legends treated -- or "treated" -- fans to Gary's actual nipple on screen, trying to get back to its owner. In trading his loyalty to the Legends for his missing nipple, he allowed Neron to get away from Constantine, in Ray's body.

Now, Neron is in the wind with Gary as a helper, and that bodes very poorly for the good guys. By finding a home in Ray's body, Neron guaranteed that the Legends aren't going to want to go too far to get rid of him. They won't want to risk harming or killing Ray as the vessel, and honestly, they might not want to hurt Gary either.

Gary may have betrayed them, but Gary is hardly a supervillain. He gave in to temptation, much like Hank did, although at least Hank asked for something more substantial than a missing nonessential body part. And that didn't exactly end well for Hank.

Now that Nora has joined the Time Bureau, the Legends have a shot at getting Ray back by exorcising Neron. Nora and Constantine together make a formidable force, and we can bet that Nora will side with anybody who doesn't want to hurt Ray.

How will Gary's betrayal backfire on the Legends down the line? Only time will tell. Three episodes are all that remain in Season 4, so whatever happens will hopefully be resolved sooner rather than later. I'd hate to head into hiatus with Ray still possessed.

We can at least still look forward to the Legends switching up their costumes, and the dragon egg recovered by Zari and Nate in their Raiders of the Lost Ark-esque date/mission may be a game-changer. Hey, if Beebo could save the world last season, why not a dragon this season?

Tune in to The CW on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET for the rest of Legends of Tomorrow Season 4.

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