Check Out Legends Of Tomorrow Characters Dressed As Other Arrow-verse Heroes In Season 4 Trailer

Spring has sprung, and as DC's Legends of Tomorrow emerges from its television hibernation, so does the superhero silliness that makes it one of the season's best shows. It appears some within that superhero ensemble will finally be getting back into hero mode with actual super-suits, although not necessarily in the costumes that people are expecting. Instead, they'll be dressing up as iconic superheroes from the other Arrow-verse shows, because of course they are.

Legends of Tomorrow The CW

Yep, that's Sara and Nate all fight, but for some reason, they're dressed up as Supergirl and Green Arrow. The scene doesn't exactly explain why this is happening, and those don't look like Halloween costumes. But it doesn't sound like a stunt these heroes were proud of taking part in.

That proof lies with Nate, who jokes under his breath, "We should've done the crossover." That, of course, is referencing Legends not being utilized in last year's "Elseworlds" crossover with the other Arrow-verse dramas. Isn't Legends of Tomorrow's meta humor the best?

That joke was gold, although not quite as amazing as that cheesy look The Flash is throwing to the camera. That looks to be Adam Tsekhman's Gary getting all smiley and looking like he's off to the races in that suit, even if he's not actually running. Would we expect anything less from the Legends' biggest fan?

The Flash Legends Of Tomorrow The CW

So, why exactly are these three posing as other heroes while Ava films them? We don't have the answers just yet, although this moment was teased by Phil Klemmer recently in response to a fan's question. Now it appears we know who's costumes will be "stolen," but are there more costumes we aren't seeing? After all, if they went to all the trouble to fetch Kara's costume, then hopefully they also grabbed Clark's for Atom to wear!

For all that we're unclear on from this strange photo session, the showrunner did offer some clues. As Phil Klemmer explained, part of this scenario plays into the show's theme for the rest of the season. The Legends are going to explore what it means to be a hero, and whether or not things like super-suits truly make a difference. In Klemmer's words:

...In the finale the Legends will question, ‘What makes a superhero? Why do people look up to superheroes? Is wearing a costume integral to being a superhero?’ and finally, ‘Do we need to wear our supersuits in order to save the world?'

This question is touched upon in the latest Season 4 trailer, which features the heroes mentioning how the world feels safer with traditional heroes. The team is then seen doing their usual thing, which of course means adventures with pro wrestlers, taking part in Bollywood choreography scenes, and running around with the Mummy. The group may be feeling self-conscious about their heroic perception, but perhaps they should count their blessings they're doing things like that, as opposed to dealing with Reverse Flash and his ilk again.

The Legends of Tomorrow trailer also showed off RV adventures, disgruntled crowds, and a whole lot of evil brewing on the horizon as well. This trailer is loaded with crazy scenarios, so expect Legends of Tomorrow to be a thrill ride from its return to the season's end. Check it out below!

Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW to finish out Season 4 on Monday, April 1, at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on what's happening with The CW's hero shows, read up on which show dropped a Batman tease and wonder if the network will ever bring The Dark Knight on for a story.

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