The 100 Season 6 Reboots The Show On A 'Larger Scale' Than Ever, According To Bob Morley

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The 100 is getting ready to kick off its sixth season. Fans can enter the new chapter of the 100 saga safe in the knowledge that it will not be The CW series’ last, as it already scored a renewal for Season 7. That will make it one of The CW's longest-running shows once Supernatural and Arrow are done, and part of what keeps the show exciting year in and year out is its ability to reinvent itself.

Is it possible for The 100 to top itself with rebooting for the new season? CinemaBlend visited the set of The 100 Season 6 in the fall, and Bob Morley, who plays Bellamy Blake, weighed in on whether the show's latest reboot can beat those from years past:

Look, we’re definitely giving it a crack. We have some new writers to the team. You can tell there are new voices coming in. The show feels quite different. We still hold strong to the same core values and stuff like that. Whatever values we do have, brutal values. But yeah, having a new set of writers, you can hear their voices come through and the world being totally different. It’s different for sure, but it’s exciting. I've always thought that [showrunner] Jason [Rothenberg] and his writing team have found a way to recreate the wheel almost every season, and this is basically just doing that all again but on a larger scale.

Based on what Bob Morley said, The 100 will reboot itself on a grander scale than ever before, and the trailer proves that the move from Earth to another planet will bring all sorts of new challenges. Fans won't know what exactly these new challenges entail until Season 6 gets into gear, but Morley's comments are promising.

Given the way that Season 5 ended, it certainly set the groundwork for a rebooted feel. What will Season 6 entail on a mythos level? Bob Morley explains that there will be callbacks as the series simultaneously breaks new ground. After all, there is a new planet involved. Expect there to be an on-screen acknowledgment of the things that feel familiar. Morley said:

For me as an actor, I’m like, ‘Yeah, this is kind of funny,’ because it does feel like the show’s being recreated. We’re doing a new planet, and I think there are even some lines about deja vu. Or ‘We’ve done this before,’ or this, that, and the other. So there are callbacks, for sure. It’s once again building a world. We’ve had the last five season kind of fleshing out the Grounder mythology and all that, so this year it’s much more figuring out a new world and building that story behind those new people that we come across.

A new world should deliver exciting new twists for fans. Season 5 ended with Bellamy and Clarke waking from cryosleep to learn about the new planet their friends had discovered before dying of old age and leaving their adult son behind to guide them. They hope to do better on the new planet, which is understandable after the mess the few remnants of humanity made on Earth before its final destruction.

What else is there to be excited about in Season 6? Bob Morley explained:

The exciting thing about this season is there’s a whole kind of new adventure squad and a whole new group of people. Bellamy obviously has ties to Spacekru, but you know, exploring this new planet he’s not too familiar with, there’s a bit of deliberation about who to take.

Sounds like Bellamy will have to make some tough decisions. In the trailer for Season 6, he, Clarke, and others from the group investigate the new planet. After arriving, they find what appears to be a deserted planet replete with abandoned homes. Bellamy can be heard saying that if the former occupants are gone, there is enough room for everybody from the ship. You can check out the trailer for Season 6 below:

Unfortunately, this new planet does not appear to be the fresh new beginning they'd hoped it would be. Bellamy, Clarke, and the rest of the group appear engaged in and find more than they bargained for on it. Solar interference seems to be a significant issue at play in the trailer.

The 100 ended its fifth season run in August 2018, so there has been a substantial wait for the new season. Find how it all turns out with the new planet when The 100 Season 6 premieres on Tuesday, April 30 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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