Why NCIS Probably Isn't Losing McGee Any Time Soon

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for NCIS' "Judge, Jury." Read at your own risk.

NCIS teased earlier in the season that McGee had a sweet gig that could draw him away from the team, and in "Judge, Jury...," it seemed that job had finally arrived. Many in Team Gibbs believed McGee was spending time with his kids, when in actuality he was at a job interview at that big tech company he mentioned several episodes prior. Fortunately, it doesn't look like McGee will be leaving, thanks to how things went down.

McGee visited the folks at the interested tech company, and they were more than eager to bring a member of NCIS on board. He appeared equally eager, and even agreed to break his rule of wearing devices that could record or observe his data in order to make his way through the building. It seemed like he was ready to jump ship and give the aging Gibbs his two weeks, right up until another story line from earlier in the season came into play.

it turns out McGee was tasked with finding information on that mysterious Cayman bank account, and needed to get data straight from the tech company due to the involvement of the Secretary of Defense. McGee found the money is withdrawn, but before he could find out more information for Gibbs, he was caught by his handler at the tech company. While she was unable to have McGee arrested, she does rescind his job offer.

Bottom line, McGee no longer has that cushy Silicon Valley job offer, so it would appear he's stuck with the NCIS team for the time being. Is that really the case though, or is the CBS procedural tying up this loose end as a red herring so no one suspects his exit in the next episode? It wouldn't be the most surprising thing that's happened this season, so one can't really rule out some wild twist.

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With that said, Sean Murray seemingly put fans' fears of McGee's exit to rest in a recent interview with Country Living. The actor explained that if his character is leaving, it's not because he requested it happen.

I’m under contract right now, so I have no plans to leave the show. I don’t think McGee’s going anywhere.

Sean Murray seems about as good of an authority as anybody on this topic, so NCIS fans may be inclined to take his word for it. This checks out with what Murray told CinemaBlend a couple months ago, in which he believed there was a solid chance he was sticking with the CBS show in the near future.

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