One Legacies Fan Found A Perfect Way To Bring Penelope And Vampire Diaries' Caroline Together

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Hey, who's up for a trip to Belgium? The Vampire Diaries and The Originals character Caroline Forbes-Salvatore (Candice King) was a major presence in Legacies Season 1, but she was never seen. She was said to be in Europe looking for clues on how her Gemini Coven twins could avoid The Merge. Penelope Park (Lulu Antariksa) was a newly created character for Legacies and became a fan favorite; Posie shippers were heartbroken when she left Season 1 to move to Belgium.

Well, Belgium is in Europe, and if that's also where Caroline is, maybe Penelope could connect with the mother of her beloved Josie Saltzman?

One enterprising Legacies fan not only envisioned Caroline meeting up with Penelope in Belgium, they created a graphic novel panel illustrating a scene where Caroline meets Penelope at the airport and asks for her help with The Merge:

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The Vampire Diaries Universe is filled with such talented fans! Other fans, duly impressed, are requesting the artist continue from here. Since this may be the only way we see a Caroline/Penelope story play out, depending on the direction of Season 2, I'm all for following along through this fan's artistry.

Penelope would recognize Caroline from the time before she left the Salvatore School for Europe. Would it make sense for Caroline to know enough about Penelope to ask her for help with The Merge?

Legacies Season 1 started with bitterness between Josie and her "evil ex" Penelope, so unless Caroline was given an update, I would think she'd be oblivious to Josie's changed relationship. But if she knew Penelope was headed to Belgium, I guess she'd be up on just about everything. (Side note: Is that Bradley Cooper as the limo driver? If so, that's genius.)

We've seen how perceptive and clever Penelope can be -- she even cast a spell that gave her access to everything people wrote down with her special pens. That gave her information on The Merge ritual, which she passed on to Josie.

I'm expecting all of that information to be very important in Season 2, possibly in connection to Hope Mikaelson being erased from everyone's memories, but still probably a focal point of what they wrote down.

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At any rate, Penelope and Caroline are two of the biggest names fans want to see in Legacies Season 2. Kai Parker is also on the list, but Penelope and Caroline probably rank higher. #Posie fans have been especially vocal about wanting that relationship to return. And when it comes to Caroline, well, she's the co-head of the Salvatore School and mother to Lizzie and Josie Saltzman. She should be all over the place, but it's a matter of getting actress Candice King on board.

The Vampire Diaries Universe ruler Julie Plec has talked about wanting certain characters on board for Season 2 -- whether returnees from The Vampire Diaries like Caroline or Kai, or Legacies OGs like Penelope. However, she said she couldn't make any promises because of other factors, like actors' schedules, contracts, etc.

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In her post-finale updates, Julie Plec did say the writers would be getting to work on Legacies Season 2 in early June and starting filming in late July. So sometime in that realm they should have a better idea of the overall story for Season 2 and what actors might be able to return. They should contact @Dainsleif_10 to use that storyboard as inspiration for any Caroline/Penelope scenes set in Europe.

Legacies Season 2 will premiere this fall on The CW. If we're lucky, maybe it'll be paired with a special The Vampire Diaries reunion event.

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