Watch Better Call Saul Stars Flub Lines And Have Problems In Exclusive Gag Reel Video

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The life of Jimmy McGill is one rife with strained tension, overt paranoia and sporadic failure, So what better way to celebrate the stress-induced mastery of Better Call Saul Season 4 than with some well-earned levity by way of an exclusive gag reel video? The clip below, which can be seen on the Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray releases out on May 7, features several hilariously botched moments from Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks and more. Check it out!

With all due respect given and then some, Jonathan Banks (and his character Mike, by extension) is basically the Eeyore of the Better Call Saul universe, with a subdued attitude cloaking a keen mind beneath. And in the gag reel clip, we can see that things go about as well for him on set as one would expect.

I mean, it starts off with bald jokes! Don't make bald jokes about Mike! Or Jonathan! Or anyone else who appears as if they could crush one's brain stem with just a stern glare.

Jonathan Banks is often given quiet and contemplative scenes that require him to sit in certain places for long periods of time without moving, and he's the kind of actor that can make mountains out of jellybeans. That doesn't mean he's above some wide-maw yawning to show how tiring it can be to sit in a car for hours on end.

That is, of course, assuming his car can actually be found, and that it's not already off taking joy rides by itself.

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That was about as priceless a look as any that Jonathan Banks is capable of. If pure befuddlement had never been scientifically observed before, that would have been the time.

The other most hilarious bit of the video involves the out-of-character wanderings from star Mark Margolis, who of course plays the dangerous Don Hector Salamanca. Just as one shot is being set up, Margolis can be seen through the window, strolling through the hall and completely unaware that a scene is about to be filmed.

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This bit is amusing not only for the normal reasons – and for the way he can so clearly be seen saying, "What?" after he's notified about the nearby filming – but also because of the relatively surreality of what viewers can see right there. Having taken tainted medicine supplied by Nacho, Hector spends most of Season 4 in a hospital bed, unable to move much of his body, much less walk around.

By the end, he'd been given the character's signature bell by the dreaded Lalo, so he was able to get back on the road to communication, but not actually back on the road. Or even on the floor with his own two feet. As such, it would have been both miraculous and freaky as hell to see Hector stalking the halls of that hospital in Season 4.

Better Call Saul's Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray sets are stocked with lots of other goodies that will get fans reinvested in everything that transpired in the last 10 episodes. There's the gag reel, of course, as well as a feature dedicated to Rhea Seehorn's downward-sloping Kim, titled "Slippin' Kimmy." Cast and crew members provided commentary for every episode, so fans can bet that there are tons of interesting details to be cleaned.

Jonathan Banks' brainy enforcer got the spotlight for the feature "10 Madrigal Security Training Videos with Mike Ehrmantraut," which should be a hoot. As well, there's a short film titled "No Picnic."

Fans may want to opt for the Blu-ray purchase here, since there are a handful of solid exclusive features. There are at least seven different deleted scenes to view, including one from the mobile store, one about destroying evidence, and more. There are also two standalone featurettes, with one focused on the Superlab's construction, and the other centering on the show's sense of flashbacks and flash-forwards. Last but not least, there are storyboard comparisons and a directorial walk-through, with commentary from co-creator and showrunner Peter Gould.

Better Call Saul: Season 4 is out today, May 7, on DVD and Blu-ray, so be sure to pick up your copy after you finish reading this story. Maybe pick yourself up a cinnamon roll at the mall, too. Tell 'em "Gene" sent you.

Seasons 1-3 of Better Call Saul can currently be streamed on Netflix, while Season 5 isn't set to hit AMC until 2020. While waiting, check out the comments made by one co-star about when the show could be ending, and how those comments might not have been very legitimate.

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