Nina Dobrev's Fam Cancelled, Too Soon To Ask If Elena Can Join Legacies Season 2?

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Paging Dr. Elena Salvatore: The Vampire Diaries Universe needs you!

I really thought CBS was going to give Fam a Season 2. But since the sitcom was just cancelled ... what's the mourning period before we can shamelessly brazenly beg plead cajole or just outright ask if Nina Dobrev can please bring The Vampire Diaries' Elena Gilbert-Salvatore to Legacies Season 2?

Nina Dobrev seemed to enjoy the change of pace of Fam, so I am sorry for her, the cast, and other Fam fans that the show didn't get a renewal. There's no saying that Dobrev would want to return as Elena, since she already left The Vampire Diaries before the final season, wanting to say goodbye to the role. She did return for the finale, and wrapped up Elena's story to show the start of her life with the newly human Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). The Vampire Diaries finale even showed Elena and Damon later finding peace in the afterlife. But there's a lot that Legacies could explore when it comes to the lives Damon and Elena led after The Vampire Diaries.

How Legacies Season 2 Could Introduce Damon And Elena's Daughter Stefanie Salvatore

Nina Dobrev was previously asked if she'd ever return for Legacies, and she mentioned her new full-time job on Fam, which also happened to get a timeslot that directly competed with Legacies on Thursday nights. (Seriously, whose idea was that?!) Since that's not an issue anymore...

Legacies -- the joint spinoff of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals -- has hinted to some of Damon and Elena's continued story. The Originals already showed a Mystic Falls storefront showing Dr. Elena Salvatore had her own practice in town. Legacies revealed that Damon and Elena had kids, including a daughter Stefanie named in honor of the late Stefan Salvatore.

Caroline? Bonnie? 6 Vampire Diaries And The Originals Stars Julie Plec Wants On Legacies Season 2

The Vampire Diaries Universe ruler Julie Plec acknowledged Damon and Elena's kids, and said she's even giving some thought to how it would make sense to have any of those kids on Legacies. I already shared some ideas on that front, but that was assuming both Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder would decline to make any appearances on Legacies.

That may still be the case, but if there's a money truck that could pull up at Nina Dobrev's doorstep, maybe go rev up the engine to see if she'd be willing to at least make a cameo. Since Elena is in the same town as Legacies in the same time period, it would make sense. It's just a matter of convincing Dobrev to come back to this world she thought she left behind.

Legacies is in the same boat right now with Candice King as Caroline Forbes-Salvatore. Caroline was name-dropped frequently in Legacies Season 1, since she's the co-runner of the Salvatore School and mother to twins Lizzie and Josie Saltzman. She should be on this show, but actress Candice King wasn't ready to return to the role. She may never be ready, and the Legacies family respects that. But there are awkward story holes that now need filling -- with Caroline, especially, but also now with Chris Wood's Kai Parker after the Season 1 finale.

Julie Plec previously revealed that the Legacies would start writing Season 2 in June 2019 and start filming in late July. So theoretically there's time to get Nina Dobrev's agent on the horn and make the pitch of a lifetime to get her on Legacies Season 2, even in just a brief cameo as a treat for longtime fans of The Vampire Diaries. Maybe it's a longshot, but the timing could work. Besides, she did guest star on Vampire Diaries' first spinoff, The Originals. Why not make it a hat trick?

Whoever shows up on screen for it, Legacies Season 2 will show up for fans this fall on The CW.

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