How The Blacklist Season 6 Finale Changed Everything For Red, Liz, And Katarina

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Spoilers for the Season 6 finale of The Blacklist are discussed below.

Still standing? As promised, The Blacklist went out with a bang. Just when all seemed right in the world with Liz welcoming her daughter Agnes back home, there was a twist. Red left Agnes’ welcome home party for Paris, France. He was told by Brett Cullen’s unidentified associate that "she" was there.

Red headed off, and on a dark Paris street, he called out “Katarina.” If that was not enough of a game-changing twist, The Blacklist continued. Red and the woman embraced, and Red even landed a kiss. That seemed to be a bit of subterfuge. They knew someone was watching. Red told her that it was not safe. That she was not safe.

They kissed again, and that kiss turned out to be a bait and switch. Katarina stabbed him with a fancy syringe. Red collapsed and was put into a van. The Blacklist’s creator opened up about how the Katarina twist sets up Season 7 telling ET:

We talked about Katarina all season and we've known that platforming her in a more prevalent way is something that we wanted to do. We've met Katarina before in these unusual flashback episodes, so we've seen her played by Lotte Verbeek in her previous form as a younger agent. But now, to see where she is, what she's up to, why she would ever drug and grab and drag away Reddington is the whole reason to come back.

The Blacklist Season 6’s cliffhanger ending cast a dark cloud over Red’s earlier claim to Liz. She was worried about bringing her daughter home if her mom was alive and dangerous. Red assured her that she had nothing to fear from Katarina. Well, he also thought he had nothing to fear from her and look what happened. Whoever Red is, he may not have the best read on Katarina Rostova.

The moment plunged The Blacklist, Red, Liz, and viewers into an overload of questions. Everything is seldom as it appears on the show and it would seem that this twist is likely no different. If the crime drama wants viewers to doubt Katarina, they can, but should they? Did she do it to save Red?

Red is usually a good judge of character. That should be an encouraging sign. However, The Blacklist has shown viewers that he has his blind spots. Red suspected that Liz was the one who turned him in, yet he set those suspicions aside. Liz is her mother’s daughter so it would make sense for him to trust Katarina the same way.

Considering everything that has gone on regarding Red’s identity, it would make sense for fans to doubt this latest twist. Is the woman that Red called out to really Katarina Rostova? Jon Bokenkamp was asked almost precisely that, and he told Variety:

He calls out ‘Katarina’ so we should take it at face value. Although it is The Blacklist, so…

She also called him “Raymond.” Someone viewers know he is not. Just saying. After six seasons, The Blacklist seemed to confirm a plot twist long in the making. That Katarina is still alive and has been out there all along. Liz’s mother just entered The Blacklist in a significant way. She made her debut with a lot of ominous energy.

Katarina may be a threat to Red. There is no way to know what has gone on between them over the years. Liz? I have trouble thinking she would hurt her own daughter. No matter how much of a wild card she is at this point. Nevertheless, Liz is in jeopardy from whoever is watching Katarina. If she is not safe, neither is Liz.

It is a lot to contemplate heading into Season 7. Thankfully, fans are getting one, and Dembe is back! The Blacklist will return for a seventh season this fall on NBC. That’s right! You will not have to wait until 2020 to find out what happens next with Red!

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