The Blacklist Finale: Will Dembe Or Liz Save Red And The Task Force?

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Spoilers for last night’s episode of The Blacklist Season 6 ("Anna McMahon") are discussed below.

Red is going to be in danger (again) during The Blacklist Season 6 finale. Here is how he got there. The penultimate episode of Season 6 gave fans a lot of answers regarding that highly sought dossier. After an explosive scavenger hunt between the Task Force and the compromised Secret Service, the Task Force won. Upon Aram opening it, they learned what Anna McMahon has planned.

The conspiracy against the United States involves a plot to assassinate President Diaz. In another Blacklist twist, he is apparently in on the plan to have himself killed. Realizing that the Task Force had the dossier, Anna went to the Task Force’s headquarters and had them arrested.

Liz had stepped away to talk to Red about bringing Agnes home when it happened. That put her outside of Anna’s reach. Sadly, Cooper, Aram, and Ressler were all arrested. Liz was able to tell Red what was going on and the trailer hints she escapes. The promo for the Season 6 finale also teases a seismically surprising turning of the tide with Red in jeopardy! Watch it below:

Cooper, Aram, and Ressler are in the infamous box that Red was once inside. Not good. Thankfully, Liz and Red are going to team up to save them. Just like old times!

Is Red and Liz’s relationship finally on track after that icy phase? I can only hope. In a side note, how awesome was Red saving Liz at the last second in this episode? Classic Red is back!

Liz and Red seem to be getting the upper hand, then the promo shows a shocking sight. Liz can be seen running away from what appears to be an exploding van. Red seems to be leaning over someone. Or is he? Liz is shown looking concerned and then, the upsetting shocker. Red being held at gunpoint by Anna McMahon. She tells Reddington:

No more cheating death!

Who is going to save Red? Is he going to save himself with some wealth of information that he threatens Anna with divulging, in the event of his demise? Will Liz attack Anna and save Red?

Liz is closest to him so it would make sense for her to be the one to act. Not to mention, it would be redemption for almost getting him killed earlier this season.

Then there is the possibility that The Blacklist did not show viewers who will save Red – Dembe. He has been off-screen for a while now, and it is high time he made his return. Dembe has not been seen for three episodes after his falling out with Red. He last appeared in Episode 18 (“The Brockton College Killer”).

If anyone can save Red and the Task Force, it is Dembe. Where is he? How would he know what is going on? Maybe Red will reach out to him ahead of going in to save the Task Force. Dembe may not answer his call initially, only to surprise the audience with a major return!

Stay tuned to find out how Red gets saved (he is the star of the show) when The Blacklist Season 6 concludes. The Season 6 finale airs Friday, May 17 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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