The Cool Reason American Ninja Warrior's Zuri Hall Might Try The Course

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American Ninja Warrior is back for another season, and this time, there's a newcomer to the competition. Well, actually, there's plenty of newcomers, but Zuri Hall is the newcormer on staff, as she began her first season as the NBC series' new sideline reporter. Hall recently spoke about her feelings on joining the show, and during those questions revealed she might actually be down to try the obstacle course herself at some point.

I think I want to. Something about that, I know, will give me a greater appreciation for the Ninjas who actually know how to do this and work their butts off all year round to do it. I am curious. I can’t say I won’t try it.

It's a strong "maybe" from Zuri Hall, who also acknowledged there's some risk involved in running the obstacle course. Hall told American Ninja Warrior Nation that as insightful as running the course may be, she's afraid that doing so may result in her injury. Obviously, the last thing she wants to do as American Ninja Warrior's newest reporter is to have to request time off because she took a hard fall on the course!

For now, Zuri Hall seems content watching American Ninja Warrior contestants tackle the course, many of whom took the hard falls Hall is trying to avoid. A particularly difficult obstacle this season involves running over a weighted ramp that contestants must time right in order to reach a swinging bar afterward. More than a few wipeouts were seen on that obstacle, which the episode claimed wiped out nearly half of the competitors in the Los Angeles qualifier.

Win or lose, Zuri Hall was still impressed with everyone that tried on the obstacle course. Just getting up there to try is good enough for her, as she doubted she could properly step onto the course to begin with.

This is not normal. This transcends normal fitness. It’s really next level. Honestly, even as people were wiping out, I was like good on you for making it as far as you did. I don’t know if I could have made it up the steps to get on to the obstacle course!

Zuri Hall's first episode of American Ninja Warrior wasn't the flashiest episode of the series, as the Season 11 premiere went more for heart strings than outlandish dressers or costumed acts. Of course, there's still plenty of opportunities for more colorful characters to get in on the action. As for who will move on and become this season's champion, only time will tell.

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