Game Of Thrones' Joe Dempsie Reveals Next Big TV Role

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Joe Dempsie was part of a lot of buzzy moments during his time on Game of Thrones, especially during the final season of the beloved series. Well, he is going to be putting his weapons-making skills behind him for his next TV role. He will go from the fantasy world of Game of Thrones to the out of this world life of outer space. Let me explain.

Game of Thrones’ Joe Dempsie has landed his next TV role, and it turns out, he has "the right stuff." Dempsie has joined the cast of National Geographic’s television adaptation of The Right Stuff, per TVLine. The series already cast Suits star Patrick J. Adams in the leading role of John Glenn. Who is Dempsie playing?

The Game of Thrones actor will play Lt. Gordon Cooper, who has the distinction of being the youngest of the Mercury Seven. He was on the verge of turning 32-years-old when his recruitment was announced. The Mercury Seven was the name given to the seven astronauts involved in NASA’s Project Mercury.

It is a project that would prove pivotal in the Space Race between the USA and the Soviets. In turn, the military test pilots became overnight celebrities. Lt. Gordon Cooper’s recruitment came as a surprise. Given that it is noted in the description, it sounds as though that may get covered to a considerable extent.

The Right Stuff TV show plans to delve into the human side of its real-life characters, including the rivalry between John Glenn and Alan Shepard. Fresh off playing a grown-up Avery on the Murphy Brown revival, Jake McDorman has signed on to play Alan Shepard. An excellent choice, if I do say so myself.

It is unclear how deep the show will dive into the personal lives of the astronauts. Their families also stood in the glare of the spotlight that shined down on them. That is an angle I would really like to see get explored amidst the longer-form of the television show.

For those wondering, yes, there has been an adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s book, The Right Stuff. That came out 36 years ago in 1983. Dennis Quaid played Lt. Gordon Cooper in the Philip Kaufman-directed film. Joe Dempsie’s performance should be a unique companion to it.

Joe Dempsie is no stranger to playing a character who has had to work hard alongside other men. Remember Gendry’s excursion with Jon Snow and company, North of The Wall? Exactly. Still, this is a different dynamic as it will dramatize real-life events. Game of Thrones fans curious to see Dempsie’s take on Lt. Gordon Cooper have a while to wait.

The Right Stuff will go into production this fall. National Geographic is targeting a 2020 global launch. Summer’s cascade of television premieres should help you weather the wait.

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