Fear The Walking Dead Characters Go Into Avengers Mode In Exclusive Season 5 Video

In Season 4, Fear the Walking Dead's characters suffered some extreme Madison-sized hardships before eventually arriving at the current Season 5 squad. After defeating a threat who shunned samaritan values for villainy, Alicia, Morgan and the rest are ready to face the world in different ways this time around. For this exclusive new video, the spirit of Marvel's Avengers is definitely imbued in the Fear team (and in the circling-round camerawork), showcasing camaraderie, courage, strength, and even some levity. Check it out below!

As Avengers: Endgame currently tears up theaters, approaching a $2 billion dollar box office pull, the small screen has its own set of badass survivors with diverse backgrounds who are ready to do what they can to save the world. Albeit a completely different world. Fear the Walking Dead will see its ensemble covering more ground in Season 5 in search of survivors that need the kind of help that only these eight characters can provide. Not even the Avengers can brag about having Victor Strand in their crew.

Just in case fans weren't pumped enough for Fear to take over summer primetime, the promo makes the characters appear as intimidating as possible, and with some of the coolest music that Fear the Walking Dead has utilized yet. And I love the way the show title pops into the frame in the end, continuing the comic book-esque motif.

The promo also reminds us that these are still sympathetic characters who are willing to ask for a stranger's help as much as they're willing to help a stranger. Considering Charlie's actions in the past, Alicia knows that youth doesn't necessarily imply innocence, but she still smiles and declares their intentions to help. If that's not turning a new leaf...

To note, fans shouldn't expect to see these quiet young kids showing up in Season 5, as they're only around for the promo. But the upcoming episodes will introduce at least one new face, along with one that'll be very familiar to fans of the flagship Walking Dead series. Austin Amelio's Dwight will arrive at some point to reunite with Morgan, which we're hoping goes smoothly and without fatal outcomes. Meanwhile, Once Upon a Time vet and Legacies star Karen David will also be introduced as the repentant Grace, who brings a new set of challenges for the group after they cross paths.

As far as all the usual suspects go, this video provides something of a tight capsule for where some of them stand as Season 5 starts up. Morgan is the de facto leader, comfortable giving orders. Alicia is the protective enforcer, carrying Madison's legacy in a more headfirst fashion. Charlie, with the smallest weapon, is still finding herself within this group and the world at large. Strand aims to be more selfless by keeping the interests of the group and new survivors above his own.

Meanwhile, Al wants to be less of an observer, Lucy wants to carry on Nick's legacy, and John wants to balance his survivor's guilt by doing good for others. June will (seemingly) leave behind her more selfish instincts from the past in order to guide the group in her own way, through her unique skillset. I'm sure John thanks her for her service, too. Wink, wink.

In case anyone missed it, or just to watch the crazy new footage all over again, you can check out the previously released trailer for Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 below.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 will debut on AMC on Sunday, June 2, at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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