Daryl Dixon Should Follow Dwight Onto Fear The Walking Dead, Austin Amelio Says

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Dwight finally made his first appearance on Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 this past Sunday. Austin Amelio's Dwight followed Lennie James' Morgan as the second character from The Walking Dead to shuffle on over to the AMC spinoff.

Austin Amelio is open to seeing a third face join the team, though, and he picked a good companion for Dwight. In a recent talk with the rest of the Fear the Walking Dead cast to promote Season 5, Amelio was asked if there was anyone else from TWD he would want to bring to Fear. Someone in the audience called out Negan, and Amelio laughed, saying he loves Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but he wants Negan out. Ultimately, here's his answer on who to bring to FTWD:

Maybe Daryl. It'd be fun, mix it up a little bit.

It does make sense that Austin Amelio would want Daryl Dixon to join Dwight on Fear the Walking Dead. The actor didn't get to expand on the idea during the BUILD Series talk, but you can imagine that continuing the complex dynamic between D&D would be intriguing.

We first met Dwight through Daryl in The Walking Dead Season 6 episode "Always Accountable," which aired in late 2015. Right from the start, it was hard to tell if Dwight was a "good guy" or not. He had tendencies toward both, and that first episode ended with Dwight stealing Daryl's bike and crossbow. Dwight was a member of the Saviors, but it was clear he was a reluctant member and just wanted to keep his wife Sherry safe. Sherry's current status is a question mark, but she appears to be the tie between Dwight's appearances on The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.

After the Saviors were defeated in The Walking Dead Season 8 finale, Daryl didn't kill Dwight, but he did exile him. Dwight went off to find Sherry, and apparently he had been looking for her for about a year as of his Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 arrival.

The Walking Dead Season 9 had multiple time jumps, and now more than six years have passed since Dwight went off on his search for Sherry. Where is Dwight as of the timeline of The Walking Dead Season 10?

The Walking Dead Daryl and Dwight at the Sanctuary AMC

It's possible there is enough time for Daryl to head over to Fear the Walking Dead in the gap between Rick Grimes' disappearance and Season 9's return six years later. We've seen some things that Daryl did in that time period (like getting his scars) but maybe there was time for him to take a road trip to Texas? Eh. It might be a stretch.

But Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 has already given fans a tie to Rick Grimes in the same symbol that was on the helicopter that took him away last year on The Walking Dead. More on that connection is coming, so maybe if Fear doesn't get a Daryl crossover it could actually get Rick? Now I'm just dreaming.

Norman Reedus has no plans to leave The Walking Dead, unless they kill off Daryl which they won't do. There's little chance AMC would let Reedus leave the main show -- especially now that he's one of the only original stars left. A brief cameo crossover? That I could see, to try and give Fear the Walking Dead more viewers.

But never mind Daryl coming to Fear the Walking Dead, I'm curious what Dwight might be doing in the advanced timeline of The Walking Dead. Is he still alive? Did he ever find Sherry? Maybe Dwight's time on Fear will show him reunite with Sherry, and perhaps we'll even get a time jump someday to catching everyone up to the Walking Dead timeline.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 continues Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. The Walking Dead Season 10 is now filming, and should debut its trailer during San Diego Comic-Con, before premiering October on AMC.

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