Big Brother Spoilers: Who Wins The First Head Of Household In Season 21

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Warning! The following contains potential spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother Season 21 is officially underway, and the beginning of a new season means that the audio leakers and episode spoilers are already out in full force with possible details on what's happening in the popular competition. Before anyone could expect the unexpected, alleged details about the season hit the web, and it looks like it's known who the first Head of Household will be. Hopefully folks are a fan of Jackson Michie, as it sounds like he's the first HoH.

The news comes from show audio that leaked ahead of the Big Brother Season 21 premiere. The audio seemingly revealed Jackson Michie securing a quick seat of power amongst the interesting Big Brother cast. He won the votes for the surprise role of "Camp Director," which made him immune to elimination for the first week of the competition. It also allowed him to "banish" four members of the house, three of which will return following a competition. The fourth person will go home.

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Jackson Michie didn't realize everything that came with the title when he first campaigned for it, and was worried being Camp Director would put a big target on his back. So, if this leaked audio from Twitter (via is legit and being interpreted properly, Jackson getting HoH must have been a huge win for him and a weight off his shoulders.

Another surprising bit is Jackson was reportedly rather ruthless in his picks for banishment. Apparently, it's being said he banished the other big nominees for Camp Director: Cliff Hogg III, Jessica Milagros, and David Alexander for sure, and one other unknown person. As for who's getting eliminated from this challenge -- SPOILER ALERT -- Alexander hasn't been spotted on the feeds as of late. Again, none of this is confirmed, but it's looking like a strong possibility.

Which leads to the revelation of the second Head of House, whose voice is allegedly speaking on the leaked (and possibly fake) audio. That's apparently going to be Christie Murphy, who added that Jackson Michie formed a pact with Jessica Milagros, Cliff Hogg III, and one unknown player, and then put all three up for elimination. Again, the details aren't exactly clear here, and it's possible the Camp Director twist (which may not be the only twist) jumbled up how Big Brother theorists have interpreted this information.

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For example, it's possible that Jackson Michie only got Camp Director, and Christie Murphy was the actual first Head of Household. The names speculated for banishment link up with other sources' names for the pact Michie formed, which seems awfully cold-blooded if he put the people he banished right back up for elimination upon their return. Then again, that's a decent way of eliminating enemies, and an aggressive strategy. For all we know, this is how Michie plays Big Brother.

In either case it does look increasingly likely David Alexander is gone, with some saying this photo in which he appears photoshopped into is evidence he got the boot rather early.

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Man, Big Brother fans don't play games when it comes to sniffing out spoilers! Again though, nothing is really confirmed until the Julie Chen Moonves and Big Brother confirm it, so those who don't like what they're reading so far still have a chance to be surprised.

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The Big Brother Season 21 premiere continues on CBS Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to see if these spoilers are accurate, and continue to stick with CinemaBlend for the latest in television and movie news.

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