Jim Parsons Ponders Whether Or Not The Big Bang Theory Cast Will Remain Friends Over The Long Haul

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The Big Bang Theory went out with a lot of emotions and a Sarah Michelle Gellar cameo during its series finale in May. It was a lot for fans, the cast, and crew to say goodbye to. After twelve years with his fellow cast members, Jim Parsons has reflected on whether they will remain as close as they are now.

They have spent twelve years together, making a legendary, high-rated sitcom. Stepping away from The Big Bang Theory and into other acting ventures is unlikely to allow for the same amount of one-on-one time. Jim Parsons shared an update on where things stand now with him and the cast and where they could be headed. Parsons told ET:

We're not talking about anything out of the ordinary yet! We're still texting about stupid day-to-day stuff, and that's another thing that will be interesting as time goes by. It’s like anything else in life when you can't imagine how it's going to be until you get there.

The reality of the situation is relatively fresh. It has been a little over a month since The Big Bang Theory came to an end on-air. Right now the cast is still in the midst of what would be its usual break as Jim Parsons explained. He shared that when there is not another season to start filming is when everything will sink in. Thankfully, the cast has texting to help each other through it.

They made a lot of memories together. Enough for Jim Parsons’ co-star Kaley Cuoco to want to make a coffee table book filled with photos taken during filming. She wants to release it one or two years down the line. By then, Big Bang Theory fans will have an even better picture of how well the cast has done remaining friends.

There is a lot that should help keep them united in the years to come. You do not get as emotional as the cast has over the series ending to not stay in touch. Right? They made something special together, and they all shared that experience in a way few other people have. That should keep them bonded together for an indefinite amount of time to come.

It is not unheard of for a cast to remain close indefinitely after the show they shared ends. Look at the Full House cast. They even got back together for a revival/spinoff. Time will tell if The Big Bang Theory cast charts a similar course. Jim Parsons previously revealed which of his co-stars he would miss the most.

The Big Bang Theory took many by surprise when news broke that the uber-successful series would be ending with Season 12. Jim Parsons shared why he wanted to leave the show. He later revealed a reason that went deeper than that one for his wanting to stop.

If you feel like reliving the cast’s on-screen friendship, there is good news. The Big Bang Theory is in active syndication. There are a lot of summer premieres that will also be available to check out.

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