Kaley Cuoco Has A Great Plan To Honor The Big Bang Theory A Year (Or Two) From Now

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Kaley Cuoco has been documenting her time on The Big Bang Theory in a fun way. In a recent interview, the actress revealed that she has taken numerous Polaroids while filming the series. She has a great plan to honor the show with them.

The Big Bang Theory star wants to release them in a book. Kaley Cuoco told AOL about her promising hopes for the "2,000 Polaroids" she has taken "since the beginning," saying:

I'll wait about another year or two, but that’s the goal with the Polaroids. I think fans will love it. [Maybe] a cool coffee table book? I have pictures that are unbelievable, like behind-the-scenes from the pilot that are just incredible.

That’s right! She has photos dating back to when the series first began with the pilot. The trip down memory lane should give fans something to look forward to. Kaley Cuoco is going to give it some time before releasing it. She suggested a wait of about another year or two.

By then, The Big Bang Theory will have been off the air for a while. However, it will never be too far from fans' hearts, thanks to its lucrative syndication. Thankfully for fans, Kaley Cuoco has not been keeping all of her behind-the-scenes photography to herself. She has been generous on Instagram.

Ahead of filming the sitcom’s final episodes, Kaley Cuoco got nostalgic on social media. She posted a picture of the cast’s first Comic Con. Before that, Cuoco shared a photo of her and co-star Johnny Galecki paying homage to Titanic with a fun behind-the-scenes snap from production.

These Polaroids sound like something special in their own right. She has a lot of pictures to choose between including or not. Kaley Cuoco has her work cut out for her. It should be fun to learn what she selects. She has over a decade of memories to choose from to use for the book.

As for acting, she has other projects in the works. Will they last for twelve years? Time will tell. It is interesting to contemplate what the cast will be up to when Kaley Cuoco publishes her book. Will there be a Leonard and Penny spinoff? Cuoco weighed in with her feelings a while ago.

For now, the series finale of The Big Bang Theory is closing in. Polaroids are not the only thing from her time on the beloved sitcom that Kaley Cuoco wants to take with her. Not too long after the series-ending news hit, the actress revealed which prop she desired to bring home. Hint: she wants to put it in her living room.

When Kaley Cuoco started snapping Polaroids, did she expect the comedy to become the longest-running multi-camera sitcom? It is hard to believe, but that was 2,000 photos ago. Now she will have to turn her camera to the final snaps. The Big Bang Theory takes its final bow on Thursday, May 16 with a one-hour event. It starts at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Catch Kaley Cuoco and her co-stars in the remaining episodes of the final season of The Big Bang Theory, Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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