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When it comes to what he will miss the most when The Big Bang Theory ends, Jim Parson knows the answer. When asked, Parsons revealed that it is seeing everybody he's worked with for so long on a regular basis when the series wraps. There is one co-star in particular that Parsons says he will miss, though. Parsons shared:

I'll particularly miss Simon Helberg; we spend a lot of time together, we go back and forth to our dressing rooms, we've talked for almost 12 years now. Six months down the road after we finished, I will be like, I haven't talked to Simon in a deep way in a long time. And that will be hard.

As Big Bang Theory fans well know, Simon Helberg stars as Howard, one of Sheldon's circle of friends, on the ensemble comedy. Albeit, they have not always been the closest of the group, with Sheldon's best friend on the show being Leonard. Based on Jim Parsons' interview, per The Jakarta Post, the co-stars sound quite close. So, not being able to share the level of closeness they currently do will undoubtedly be an adjustment.

It is one of the bitter pills that comes with a long-running series coming to an end. Being as close as the cast of The Big Bang Theory has been to each other has undoubtedly helped contribute to its longevity. It is hard to imagine a cast being able to collaborate on a show for 12 years if they were not.

Jim Parsons did not reveal whether his and Simon Helberg's talks included brainstorming on any particular matter. For instance, how Sheldon and company could fix the elevator before The Big Bang Theory ends. It is an issue that Parsons' and Helberg's co-star, Kaley Cuoco, is hoping to have solved before the show concludes.

Under the umbrella of missing everyone, one can assume that Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons' other co-stars made the list of things he will miss most. Speaking of missing the show -- Parsons revealed that his mother is "more broken up" about the show ending than he is.

The cast still has a while before they feel the full impact of that change. As it still lies quite a bit ahead of them, time-wise. That is because the last day of filming will not be for a while. At the time of the interview, Jim Parsons said they had 17 episodes left to film.

While the completion of episodes will mark the end of The Big Bang Theory cast's working time together, another hurdle lies in wait. That could arrive during the late summer next year, which would be the time the cast usually starts prepping for the upcoming season. When cameras finish rolling in late April, it could feel a lot like the show's usual season ender, so not getting the call to return to a familiar set could be a bit of a shock for many of them.

It may not be until the time when production has traditionally started back that things will start sinking in. The finality and the impact of the show's loss will probably be more noticeable to them then, but that day will not be for some time to come.

New episodes of The Big Bang Theory air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The sitcom is among a plethora of fresh programming coming this fall and airing new shows throughout the midseason.

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