Could Ginnifer Goodwin Join Husband Josh Dallas On NBC's Manifest Season 2?

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Anyone else miss the heck out of Once Upon a Time? Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas met making the ABC fairy tale series, falling in love on and off screen as Snow White and Prince Charming. After seven seasons, Once ended in 2018. Now Dallas stars as Ben Stone on the NBC mystery series Manifest. Goodwin has been busy with several projects -- from episodes of The Twilight Zone and Heartstrings to her new role on CBS All Access' Why Women Kill. But she sounded very enthusiastic when asked if there's a chance she'd appear alongside her husband on Manifest:

I would love to. All they have to do is ask! There were a lot of people on that plane.

Yes! I'm all about a Snowing reunion, even if it's just via Manifest's ill-fated Flight 828. That's not the only way Manifest Season 2 could find a role for Ginnifer Goodwin. TVLine noted that Ginny will be free this fall, once she's finished shooting CBS All Access’ Why Women Kill.

Manifest Season 1 had 16 episodes, and I can imagine Season 2 finding room to give her more than a cameo or a guest appearance. She could maybe even have a recurring role? That's me being selfish as a fan of the Big Love actress, while also wanting to see both Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas on screen together again.

Back in February 2019, before NBC officially renewed Manifest for Season 2, Josh Dallas told Page Six "it's possible" Ginnifer Goodwin could guest star in the future.

I mean, I’m never going to say no.

There was nothing planned at the time, but now that we know Manifest Season 2 is in the works, and Ginnifer Goodwin would love to make an appearance, why not make it happen?

Back in January, while promoting Manifest on Today, Josh Dallas did a lot of gushing about his former co-star wife, also mother to their two children:

How beautiful is that? He's also been raving about Ginnifer Goodwin's episode of the new Twilight Zone:

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In terms of Manifest Season 2, it looks like NBC is holding it for midseason. Some Manifest fans were frustrated to hear that it wouldn't return until January 2020, but Josh Dallas tried to make the wait a bit easier:

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Stay tuned for Manifest Season 2 premiere details, and catch up on all of the many questions that need answering. In the meantime, watch Ginnifer Goodwin -- and Lucy Liu -- in Marc Cherry's Why Women Kill, premiering August 15 on the streaming service CBS All Access.

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