The 100's Henry Ian Cusick Thanks Fans For Their Support After Kane's Final Scene

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Warning: Spoilers for the latest episode of The 100 are discussed below.

Well, that did not last long. Marcus Kane recently took up residence in another person’s body, thus giving him another lease on life. Kane decided that he could not keep living inside Gavin (played by Greyston Holt), though, and he chose to die. Before Kane finished his run on The 100, Henry Ian Cusick briefly reprised the role.

In his final scene, Henry Ian Cusick played Marcus Kane as he said goodbye to his beloved, Abby. The episode marked Cusick’s last on The 100, and now the fan-favorite is gone. Following his exit, Cusick took to social media to acknowledge and thank fans for their support. The actor shared the following thoughtful tweet. Check it out:

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Henry Ian Cusick will definitely be missed by fans of the sci-fi series. The news is tough for many, including for those still rooting for some kind of happy ending between Kane and Abby. In the end, it was just not meant to be, despite the remnants of hope to the contrary.

Fans have been up in the air about what would happen with Marcus Kane and Henry Ian Cusick’s status for a while because Kane was severely wounded in the Season 5 finale. At least there is a sense of closure that has been made possible now. Albeit, not via the ending that many likely wanted to have happen.

Henry Ian Cusick’s exit from The 100 does not come as a completely out of the blue surprise. He has been out of on-screen commission on The CW series for a bit, leading fans to wonder what would eventually happen to him. This is especially true because Cusick has remained busy outside of his tenure on the show in recent years.

Before leaving, Henry Ian Cusick had a recurring role on Inhumans back in 2017, but he still starred in Season 5 of The 100. Cusick also recently starred in Fox’s short-lived series, The Passage. Sadly, it got cancelled in May.

Fans thinking that those developments would bring him back to The 100 learned that was unlikely not too long ago. Henry Ian Cusick recently signed on for a significant role in the upcoming season of CBS’ MacGyver. Cusick will be taking on the part of master manipulator and former military man, Russ.

It will be a while before fans of The 100 get a chance to check him out in the new role. MacGyver will not be back this fall, but instead will return for its fourth season during the midseason. Henry Ian Cusick has a top-flight chance of becoming a fan-favorite on the CBS actioner. Ever since his Lost days, Cusick has tirelessly proven he has a knack for the genre.

New episodes of The 100 air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW, and the sci-fi series is among a lot of summer television shows. The first five seasons of The 100 are currently available to binge on Netflix, along with other new content. You can catch Henry Ian Cusick on MacGyver when Season 4 premieres during the midseason.

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