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Expect The Walking Dead's Daryl And Negan To Work Together In Season 10

The Walking Dead delivered a monster of a first Season 10 trailer over the weekend for San Diego Comic-Con, giving fans their first looks at what the impending War of the Whisperers will look like in live-action. Though the trailer appears to set up a further extension of Daryl's hate for Negan that leads to some fisticuffs, stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus paint a slightly different picture for their characters' futures.

If Jeffrey Dean Morgan is to be believed, then it sounds like Negan and Daryl will ultimate rise above whatever differences have built up between them over the years, all in the name of taking down the shared threat. Here's how Morgan put it:

I think that’s the direction that we could be heading in. I think the Whisperers are an enemy that’s all hands on deck, and I think that Daryl recognizes that. I think that these two characters may find a little bit of common ground within this world, which is kinda fun. But just to be able to work with him this year, it’s been a long time, and we’ve never really worked together. So to have a couple scenes together has been a joy.

Daryl has ample reasons to hate every cell within Negan's body, and has had them since Day 1, when Negan put his bat through the skulls of Glenn and Abraham. At some point after that, Daryl became Negan's hostage and was forced to get naked and eat dog food. The former Savior leader did a bunch of other sordid and horrible things as well that Daryl would have every reason to get pissed at.

But the way that Jeffrey Dean Morgan put it to Entertainment Tonight, Norman Reedus' Daryl will be able to take in the bigger picture and put all of his aggression and focus into taking out the Whisperers. The trailer teased a moment where some of the protagonists have clearly broken Alpha's rules, and she makes it sound like a deadly punishment is imminent for someone. When that kind of a psycho is out there in the free world, one's personal enemies almost necessarily have to take a backseat until that threat can be dissolved.

The best way to dissolve such a threat, of course, is to join forces with the other biggest badass in the area. Of course, Ryan Hurst's Beta is one of those big badasses, but we're exclusively talking about Negan and Daryl here. Everyone remembers when Beta got thrown down an empty elevator shaft and then lived to not show any injuries from it, right?

Norman Reedus, who spent many years on The Walking Dead with Andrew Lincoln as one of his closest friends, can now call Jeffrey Dean Morgan a bestie, thanks to their time together on the AMC drama, as well as their work together on Ride with Norman Reedus. So it'll hopefully be fun or fans to see the two actors' chemistry together as they finally start to agree on things in the live-action show.

In fact, Norman Reedus goes so far as to imply the imperative nature behind Negan and Daryl getting together, whether it be for a good brawl or to talk about hair-grooming tips. Here's what he told the Hall H crowd during The Walking Dead's panel at San Diego Comic-Con:

I think there’s a mutual understanding between those two characters. I think they might need each other at some point.

Now, if Daryl and Negan tag up in Season 10 in order to take down a zombie herd or another group, that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll be on hunky dory terms until humanity dies off. Once the mission is completed, there's no telling how quickly those two could be at each other's throats.

Season 10 is obviously one of big changes, with Negan finally getting to walk around as a free citizen after years in the makeshift jail. The trailer showed off a bunch of other potential changes as well, such as Michonne and Ezekiel getting romantic, and multiple beach-centered scenes popping up. Not to mention all those Daryl and Carol bits.

As showrunner Angela Kang hinted at it when CinemaBlend spoke to her earlier in the year, Daryl and Melissa McBride's Carol will be spending much time together in Season 10, only it might not be the relationship experience that fans have been waiting for. Reedus is claiming that Carol is going a little crazy in Season 10, and that he isn't always happy with her. Maybe that's why Negan sounded like a good option for a new buddy.

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The Walking Dead Season 10 will debut on AMC on Sunday, October 6, at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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