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The Orville Gets Some Of Its Most Hilarious Costumes In Season 2 Deleted Scene

Gordon The Orville Fox

Good news about The Orville has been constant as of late, with Seth MacFarlane's sci-fi dramedy earning some major headlines in recent weeks. First, the series got its first Emmy nomination, then news broke that its renewal for Season 3 will be happening on Hulu instead of Fox. Those still trying to work through what all of that means for the future can relax while enjoying some all new footage from Season 2.

Well, new to fans, anyway. This deleted scene, which is possibly even more amusing than those Season 2 outtakes, was initially seen only by those at The Orville's San Diego Comic-Con panel over the weekend. The scene has hit the web now, and it just might deliver the funniest costumes that this Star Trek-inspired series has featured to date. Watch Gordon, John, and Isaac play golf and get interrupted by the outlandishly dressed (and exceptionally cranky) Bortus and Klyden.

Ah, golf, the most peaceful and frustrating sport known to man. It's even a challenge for Isaac, who excels at most human-based tasks, but it's especially frustrating for Klyden, much to the disappointment of Bortus. The couple's loud and presumably proud costumes seem to imply they were excited to be joining the others for a round of holes, but things obviously soured once it became clear Klyden was beyond a novice on the links.

Hopefully that situation didn't end with Bortus getting stabbed again! Though we can understand its nature as a deleted scene had that been the case.

In all seriousness, the dysfunctional relationship between Bortus and Klyden makes for some of the most emotional and hilarious scenes at times. In this case it's the latter, in which Bortus hits his partner adds insult to displeasure with an especially callous remark in the same tone that he would have complimented him with.

Klyden: Say nothing.Bortus: Your failure speaks for itself.

As hilarious as The Orville scene is, it's understandable why it got cut. The episode "A Happy Refrain" didn't really have anything to do with golf, and instead focused on Claire and Isaac's budding romance. This sportsy moment likely would have felt out of context with the rest of the episode, and it doesn't even feature that rocking mustache that Bortus was sporting. It could've possibly been worked into other episodes somehow, but it was best left out of "A Happy Refrain."

With that said, the scene is truly a hilarious moment, and it's a good thing it was completed enough for The Orville's executive producer Tom Costantino to show to fans at Comic-Con and on social media. It feels as though the segment was likely cut for time reasons, which is something that could change as the show makes the jump to Hulu, which doesn't wholly rely on advertiser dollars. With the ability to play around with episode length, there's a chance that fewer hilarious scenes like this will get cut from final episodes.

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As mentioned, The Orville will return for Season 3 on Hulu and with Seth MacFarlane behind the wheel, who knows how things may change up? Stick with CinemaBlend for more information on the new season as it approaches, and be sure to check up with us often for all the latest television and movie news.

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