Did Legacies' Matt Davis Spoil A Ton Of What Happens To Alaric And Hope In Season 2?

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I think he did. The headline, I mean. I think The Vampire Diaries alum Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman) just went ahead and dropped major spoilers for what's ahead in Legacies Season 2. Granted, he may have added a few things here and there. We won't know for sure until October 2019.

Matthew Davis was just at San Diego Comic-Con, and sat down at the press round tables for a game of "Maybe/Maybe Not." I already dove into what he said about Alaric's twin daughters Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Lizzie Saltzman (Jenny Boyd), heavily hinting to their uncle Kai Parker (Chris Wood) and how that Vampire Diaries character could be introduced in Legacies Season 2.

But let's go back to what Matt Davis said about Alaric and Hope Mikaelson. It's hard to know what to believe, but the part at the start about Alaric not being headmaster anymore in Season 2? He said the same thing in a video interview with Extra, next to Hope actress Danielle Rose Russell. In that same Extra interview, he also repeated the stuff about possibly getting a new love interest in the new sheriff in Mystic Falls.

Matt Davis seemed to get a dirty look off-camera after that, maybe going too far with spoilers, but he went a lot further during the press round tables, so keep it all in mind. Here's how Davis started his Maybe/Maybe Not spiel when it comes to what's next for Alaric in the 2019-2020 season, picking up from the Legacies Season 1 finale:

Alaric's been voted off the island, right, at the end of Season 1. He's been kicked out, and so we'll find him now months later, summer break coming to a close. He's been on sabbatical, he's grown out his beard, his hair's grown wild. And he may be butthurt by the fact that the vote didn't go his way. He may have thought he would have been kept on as headmaster, but he's no longer the headmaster.

Believable. Legacies Season 1 did end with Alaric putting his own fate as headmaster up for debate. Also, during a Comic-Con video with TVLine, Julie Plec said the first episode of Legacies Season 2 would start at the end of the last school year, and then they'd do a quick passage-of-time through summer in Mystic Falls before picking up right before the new school year. That does seem to track with what Matt Davis was teasing. Here's how Davis continued his own SDCC roundtable talk, which CinemaBlend attended:

So in between jobs, he's looking for a new job, and he may or may not become principal for Mystic Falls High School. And there may or may not be a headmaster replacement for him in the Salvatore School. This replacement may or may not be actually on the level. This new headmaster may see the kids and their powers differently than Alaric does, and this new headmaster may or may not want to remove all the restrictions that Alaric was putting in place to protect them from themselves. And this new headmaster may or may not encourage the students to do things that Alaric would never encourage them to do. And this may or may not lead them in the best place.

Boy am I already tired of the may or may nots, but if Alaric is no longer headmaster -- which is a believable next step -- then the Salvatore School would need someone new (unless Caroline finally returns, for heaven's sake -- it's your school, lady). I can buy the new headmaster being some supe-friendly, who potentially leans more toward the Voldemort end of things.

Also, with Alaric as the (possible) new principal at Mystic Falls High School and replaced by this new headmaster at the Salvatore School, Matt Davis said we may (or may not) reignite the high school rivalry and have another football game. The Vampire Diaries has a long history with Mystic Falls High School football, and you'll remember the Salvatore vs. Mystic Falls flag football game of Legacies Season 1. That's an annual tradition, so it would make sense to see it again.

Matt Davis has talked about wanting Alaric to find a love interest. He has the worst track record from The Vampire Diaries, and that bad luck continued into Legacies when he started making a move on Emma Tig (Karen David) right when she started dating Dorian Williams (Demetrius Bridges). Emma is now on a leave of absence from the school.

However, Matt Davis said something about Alaric maybe getting a new love interest who may be the new sheriff in town. That led reporters to joke that the new love interest is Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig), another character from The Vampire Diaries who showed up early in Legacies Season 1 as the sheriff in Mystic Falls.

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If this new love interest scoop is true -- and he did repeat it to Extra on camera -- what happens to Sheriff Matt Donovan? Does he leave town? Get fired? Who is the new sheriff in town? That should be an interesting casting announcement.

Now on to how Alaric and Hope supposedly cross paths very early in Legacies Season 2, per more juicy details from Matt Davis:

We may or may not find Hope locked in the Malivore pit at the beginning of Episode 1, and maybe by the end of Episode 1 she may get out of the Malivore pit. Maybe. She may or may not be wandering through Mystic Falls after she gets out, having been completely erased from everyone's memory, so she's a total stranger that no one recognizes. Maybe a monster got out of Malivore and she's in the process of tracking it down, in spite of the fact that no one remembers who she is. And she may or may not run into Alaric who is also tracking down the same monster. And they may or may not cross paths in pursuit of the same monster. And Alaric probably doesn't recognize when he runs into her. And she may or may not construct a whole identity to give to him, since he doesn't remember who she is. They may or may not partner up to track down these monsters in spite of the fact that he doesn't know who she is.

Now my head is spinning. Hope already out of the Malivore pit by the end of the first episode? That I would not have expected. We already knew she'd be erased from everyone's memories, wherever she is. Interesting that Alaric and Hope may -- or may not -- end up tracking the same monster. What about Ryan Clarke (Nick Fink)? There's no mention of him here, but Julie Plec had said Hope and Clarke would have a dynamic akin to Bonnie and Damon from The Vampire Diaries.

During Julie Plec's Comic-Con talk with TVLine, she mentioned writing new brother and sister characters who are local to Mystic Falls and they will both have crushes on Hope in Legacies Season 2. So add those two characters to Hope's long list of admirers. Not sure what it means for her own true love Landon Kirby (Aria Shahghasemi) but I have to assume they find their way back to each other at some point.

Legacies Season 1 Hope and Landon The CW

It's hard to really know how much of this to believe. Did Matt Davis really just sit down and tell reporters every detail from the first two episodes? Because he did add at the end that all of that may or may not happen in the first two episodes. That is kinda believable, since the writers just started working on Legacies Season 2 in June, with production just starting two weeks ago, and the cast just starting filming this Monday, July 22. During the Extra interview, Davis and Danielle Rose Russell said they had read the first four episodes of the 20-episode Season 2 by that point.

There are some things we don't have to guess about. For example, that crazy new vampire coming to Legacies Season 2? He has been cast, and apparently he will indeed be a new love interest for Lizzie. Jenny Boyd said the early scripts for Legacies Season 2 were blowing her mind, and she also said during Comic-Con that the Season 2 premiere mentions Lizzie visiting Caroline. That may be all we get from Caroline (Candice King) in the first few episodes, with no actual on-screen appearances yet, but give it time.

Legacies Season 2 will premiere Thursday, October 10 on The CW. If the new love sheriff/love interest thing for Alaric is true, stay tuned for casting on that front.

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