Legacies Season 2 Casts New Vampire As A Love Interest For A Main Character

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Legacies has cast a new love interest for one of its main characters in Season 2. Caroline and Alaric’s daughter, Lizzie, will be kindling a flame with a new guy next season who has some bite, and The CW drama is bringing on a familiar face to fans of Disney’s Descendants to play him.

Legacies has cast Descendants’ Thomas Doherty, who plays Harry Hook in the television movie franchise, as its latest Season 2 addition. The news got announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (via TVLine). Lizzie’s new love interest shares something in common with her mom, Caroline, too: he is also a vampire.

Thomas Doherty’s character may boast a youthful appearance, but he is described as a “very old vampire.” It's not just his physical side that falls on the antiquated side, either. His ideas about the “way things work” are also said to fall in line with those of generations past. Such is a vampire's way, and it may not even be a turnoff for Lizzie.

Viewers will have to tune in to see how things turn out between the pair in Season 2. The news of Lizzie having a vampire love interest will definitely shake things up. It is a tad bit surprising given what Legacies’ showrunner, Julie Plec, has said about how the series’ romances would differ from those that populated The Vampire Diaries.

At the time, Julie Plec indicated that Legacies would initially steer away from love interests with significant age differences. This is the second season, so maybe she decided it had already been long enough. Given that Lizzie’s new romantic interest is described as being an old vampire, we can rule out a recent transformation on that front. Does this mean that Lizzie and this new guy may not last long? It is a possibility.

Perhaps learning that her daughter is involved with a super old vampire is what could eventually bring Caroline back. Executive producers have talked about having to find the right time for her and other former characters to appear on the spinoff. Can you think of a better time for a mom to appear than when her teenage daughter getting is tangled up with an ages-old vampire? Exactly.

Candace King (Caroline) has given fans hope for a Season 2 appearance. Jenny Boyd, who plays Lizzie Saltzman, has teased that her character will visit Caroline. Albeit, it sounded as though that exchange would be happening off-screen. It's somewhat bittersweet that Legacies and its characters keep Caroline on viewers' minds, just not where we can actually see her.

The cast has not been shy about teasing Season 2. Jenny Boyd (Lizzie) has said that the scripts were blowing her mind. Could she have reached the part where Lizzie’s new flame enters the scene? Stay tuned. The show has already started production on Season 2 to steamy results.

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Thomas Doherty joined the Descendants series for the second entry as Harry, the son of Captain Hook. The third TV movie is set to air in early August, so fans will be able to see him reprise that role before showing up on Legacies. As well, he will appear in the upcoming historical drama Catherine the Great with Helen Mirren.

Legacies will return Thursday, October 10 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Seize the moment and enjoy this summer’s television premieres in the meantime. If you want to catch up or relive last season, you can currently binge the first season of Legacies in its entirety on Netflix, alongside a vast array of premieres.

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