Vampire Diaries Star Knows How Alaric Can Break His 'Curse' In Legacies Season 2

The Vampire Diaries Alaric and Damon at the bar

Matt Davis has a pretty funny idea for how Legacies Season 2 can help Alaric Saltzman break the romance "curse" he's had since The Vampire Diaries. Of course, the idea involves Alaric drinking at the bar, so I would like to add his buddy Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) to the plan.

Ric is notoriously unlucky with the ladies, although it's usually the ladies who have the worse luck. In The Vampire Diaries, we learned Ric's wife Isobel left him when she became a vampire. His great love Jenna was turned into a vampire and killed by Klaus. Alaric's fiancée Jo was killed by her brother Kai on her wedding day to Ric while pregnant with their twins. Caroline ended up giving birth to the twins, through some funky Gemini Coven magic, and she and Ric became closer. They got engaged, but Ric knew Caroline really loved Stefan so they broke it off and just remained co-parents to twins Lizzie and Josie, and co-runners of the Salvatore School.

The Vampire Diaries Jo dies in Alaric's arms on their wedding day

And then in Legacies Season 1, Alaric started finally getting closer to guidance counselor Emma. But he had really bad timing on that front, too, since she had already started dating Ric's buddy and Salvatore school librarian Dorian. Sigh.

So when TV Guide asked Alaric actor Matt Davis what he wants Ric to explore in Legacies Season 2, he answered with a version of the same thing he said last year:

A healthy love life. I want him to break the curse.

Matt Davis went on to share a detailed plan in his head for how Alaric could meet a new lady in Legacies Season 2:

I would love to like have the episode open with Alaric at the bar, maybe the Mystic Grill, maybe three or four drinks in, like swiping through Tinder, trying to find someone online. ... Probably a woman sits down next to him, he strikes up a conversation, and she's like 'Yeah I'm here I moved to town, I've got a job interview at the school.' He's like 'Where?' She's like 'This place called the Salvatore School.' He's like 'I know that school.' And that would be the set-up. He falls in love with her. Bada bing, bada boom.

I'm gonna try not to focus on the impropriety of Alaric, as head of the school, dating this potential new teacher. It's the least improper thing in The Vampire Diaries Universe, but still. Plus, he kinda already went there with Emma. I'd rather he met someone not connected to the Salvatore School at all. Like a teacher at Mystic Falls High School, or a doctor/nurse/assistant who works with Dr. Elena Gilbert Salvatore at her practice in Mystic Falls. (Then again, Ric doesn't have great luck with doctors either. Remember Meredith? She married another doc and moved to Alaska.)

On second thought, humans who get dragged into this world tend to have horrible things happen to them, so maybe the more supernatural the lady, the better. Not that supernaturals have an easy life. Maybe it's better for the women of the world for Ric to stay single. At least he has his daughters and his job (for now). What else could you want?

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The Vampire Diaries ended with Alaric and Caroline taking over the Salvatore School, while newly human Damon started his life with Elena. Elena became a doctor, and The Originals showed Dr. Elena Salvatore has a family practice in Mystic Falls. Plus, Legacies Season 1 revealed Damon and Elena have their own kids now, including a daughter named Stefanie in honor of Stefan.

So I can totally see Alaric and Damon meeting up for drinks at the Mystic Grill, with Damon stealing Ric's phone to judge each Tinder candidate. #DalaricForever

The Legacies writers are just now getting to work on Season 2, with filming set to start in late July for a premiere this October on The CW. Hopefully Alaric does find lasting love this year, but there are bigger problems to deal with, at least at first. Plus, his daughters may be unwittingly releasing their evil Uncle Kai from his latest Prison World, and that would be extremely bad. But also awesome to watch. Here's what we know so far about Legacies Season 2. Stay tuned for more details as the 2019-2020 season gets closer.

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