The Coroner Has Confirmed Cameron Boyce's Cause Of Death

Cameron Boyce passed away early this month after being found unresponsive in his home. The actor was only 20 at the time of his death, and his family was very open that his cause of death related to a chronic health problem. However, the coroner’s report was “pending” at the time of the autopsy, and only today has the Descendants 3 actor’s cause of death been confirmed in a report.

Per the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner, epilepsy was, in fact, the cause of death for 20-year-old Cameron Boyce. The case was closed after it was confirmed “sudden unexpected death in epilepsy" was the cause.

Per the report when the autopsy was performed back on July 8, the cause of death had to be deferred at the time in order to give time for additional testing. Due to the coroner’s office eventually being able to claim “unexpected death in epilepsy” as the cause of death, Cameron Boyce’s death has now been “certified” as “natural,” according to the report.

The actor’s death was sudden and unexpected, although we have since learned the actor was being treated for epilepsy at the time of his passing. Cameron Boyce’s parents sent out a statement shortly after he died, noting that his “tragic passing was due to a seizure as a result of an ongoing medical condition, and that condition was epilepsy,” so the findings of the report are not a surprise; yet, it’s still helpful to finally get clarification given the report was pending for several weeks.

Now that the autopsy report has been filed, hopefully Cameron Boyce’s family and friends can close out one chapter and really work through the process of grieving without this one final thing looming over their heads.

Social media has seemed to help the Boyce family in the weeks following Boyce's tragic death. Cameron Boyce’s father, Victor Boyce, has been sharing posts about his son over the past several weeks that give us a glimpse into the young man's home life.

Recently he shared a post of Cameron Boyce as a baby:

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Later, he shared another of his son as a young man, describing what guitar meant to his late son and how gifted he was on the instrument.

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Fans have been overwhelmingly kind and supportive in the time following Boyce’s untimely death. However, the Descendants 3 red carpet was shut down and Cameron Boyce’s co-star Debby Ryan even shut down the comments on her Instagram seemingly to avoid any negativity following the actor’s passing.

Cameron Boyce will be missed by many, but he leaves behind a body of work that will provide a lasting legacy for many different generations of fans. Adults saw him grow up in the Grown-ups franchise films, while younger audiences saw his career progress through programs like Jessie and Descendants on the Disney Channel. He was taken too soon, but his family should be proud of the legacy he was able to leave behind.

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