Descendants 3 Is Definitely Happening

The Descendants film franchise may come to an end one day, but today is not that day. The wicked kids of Disney villains will definitely be back for another adventure in The Descendants 3, as a teaser trailer for the TV film hinted at what the next adventure may be about:

It's a rare sight these days when a teaser trailer actually revealed information about the film's plot, and Descendants 3 did just that! The film will once again revolve around Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, and her father, whose identity is currently unknown. We can't gather much more about the film's plot from this trailer beyond that, but we can speculate that Mal's father is not a literal glowing blue ball that resembles the mood icon from The Sims. It's not the most exciting teaser trailer in the world, but likely any fan of The Descendants franchise is beyond pumped that there is yet another film on the way. Of course, that arrival date of Summer 2019 is still a ways away, and likely torture for any children who may not understand this film isn't a thing that will be premiering later tonight.

The main takeaway from The Descendants 3 trailer is that Mal's dad is on the way, which means another wicked parent will soon come to the world of The Descendants franchise. Not a ton is known about Mal's father, minus the fact that he is a human and he was on the Isle of the Lost. We also know that Mal's mother, Maleficent, considers him weak which might be why he's trapped in a blue glowing orb. Internet theories have ranged from Mal's dad being anyone from Gaston from Beauty and the Beast to Mr. Smee from Peter Pan, so there's really no telling who will be revealed as Maleficent's baby daddy until The Descendants 3 is out.

As the trailer has shown, Dove Cameron will return to play Mal in The Descendants 3. Cameron will be joined by Cameron Boyce, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart, China Anne McClain, and Mitchell Hope who will all return to their respective roles as the children of classic Disney films heroes or villains. Director of the High School Musical and The Descendants franchise Kenny Ortega will be back to direct and executive produce the feature, which is sure to have plenty of songs that will be ingrained in the minds of parents for years to come.

As mentioned, Disney Channel's The Descendants 3 will find another way to be wicked summer 2019. For a list of shows that will premiere long before then, head on over to our midseason premiere guide as every day brings another new premiere or return of an old favorite!

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