The Big Bang Theory Deserved More Emmys 'Respect,' CBS Boss Says

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CBS’ president, Kelly Kahl, thinks that The Big Bang Theory deserved more “respect” from the Emmys. Game of Thronesdivisively received final season had a record-breaking amount of Emmy nominations. The Big Bang Theory’s cast and writing team were not as fortunate. The comedy only received two technical nominations.

This is a move that leaves the cast and most of the crew without any acknowledgment for the show's final qualifying season. The Big Bang Theory’s lack of Emmy attention could not have been what CBS was expecting. Talking after a TCA panel, CBS president, Kelly Kahl spoke highly of the show while saying (via TV Guide):

I think The Big Bang Theory is one of the best comedies in TV history, and I would stack it up against any show, whether they were nominated for Emmys or not. Ultimately do I wish it kind of deserved more respect from the Academy? I certainly do.

While the Emmys held back from acknowledging the cast and its writers, CBS’ president lavished praise on it. She argues that The Big Bang Theory is one of television’s best comedies, and she would put it up against any show. Why and how did the Academy miss The Big Bang Theory so completely?

This has to be a bittersweet twist for the show, its cast, and writers. There was a lot poured into the final season (including lots of tears), and they ended on a well-received note. So, to not have that acknowledged when it was the last possible chance for it, is personally a bit confounding.

The Emmys’ lack of love for the show is made even more confusing by its past acknowledgment of it, because The Big Bang Theory has been on its radar before. Jim Parsons won four Emmy awards for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper. His fourth win and final nomination came five years ago in 2014. Why nothing since? It is anyone’s guess.

The Big Bang Theory ended its twelve-year run back in May, and the series finale did well in the ratings and seemed to be well-received by fans. It was filled with a lot of exciting developments, including a moving speech from Sheldon aimed at his friends and a Sarah Michelle Gellar cameo.

But, it was not enough to garner The Big Bang Theory a record-breaking round of Emmy nods. The comedy currently has its own record worth taking solace in. As it stands, the show is the longest-running multi-camera sitcom. Consider that run. Few writing teams and ensembles can say they had a top-rated show that ran for more than a decade.

Nothing can take away from what they have accomplished together, even as some cast members secure their follow-up projects. The Emmys did nominate the show’s finale for directing and editing, so stay tuned to find out if they win!

The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon will return after this summer’s premieres. The comedy’s third season will premiere Thursday, September 26, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. You can catch The Big Bang Theory during its numerous syndication showings.

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