The Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki Says He Was A 'Puddle Of Tears' Over Filming Final Episode

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For the cast (and fanbase) of The Big Bang Theory, the past few weeks and months have been as emotionally tumultuous as any other span of the sitcom's history at CBS. TV's most popular comedy is coming to an end later in May, with the cast having wrapped the series finale's filming this week. Some Big Bang stars made it through relatively unscathed, while some were apparently emotional wrecks, such as Johnny Galecki.

Here's how Galecki put it:

I was so worried about [co-star] Kaley [Cuoco] and her being overcome with emotion. I ended up being the quivering puddle of tears on the floor. Starting off the show last night was tough. But then you gotta do your damn job, and put the tears aside and try to make people laugh. It was a terribly, terribly moving night.

When The Big Bang Theory airs its non-explosive final episode later this month, it will have been on the air for more than a decade, so it's no surprise that the co-leading man was feeling emotional. It's also easy to understand why he was concerned about on-screen wife Kaley Cuoco's reaction while filming the series finale.

Kaley Cuoco shared photos that revealed she was sobbing and speechless at the table read for the last episode; it stood to reason that she might be a mess for filming. Who could have guessed that Johnny Galecki would be the one in "a puddle of tears" for production?

Johnny Galecki also shared with TVLine how he said goodbye to his character: by walking around the stage after they wrapped production by himself. He admitted that might sound "odd and crazy," but I think anybody who plays a character for 12 seasons gets to say goodbye however he wants.

Season 12 has been slowly but surely bringing the characters closer and closer to culmination, although it remains to be seen what those culminations will be. Will Amy and Sheldon win their Nobel Prize, or will their competitors edge them out for the huge honor?

Will Leonard and Penny decide to have kids? There's been a lot of ups and downs on that front throughout Season 12 when Leonard discovered the Penny was not interested in having kids, while he very much was. Apparently, there were some important conversations they probably should have had before tying the knot! Leonard had a unique opportunity to father a child in Season 12, but ultimately passed.

Will the series end with them deciding to have a kid? Or perhaps with Penny pregnant? Or with Leonard coming around to Penny's thinking and realizing that they really don't need children to be happy? Whatever happens, fans may be shedding tears of their own by the time the final credits roll later in May.

When The Big 2018-2019 TV Season Finales Are Airing

The good news is that CBS has found a way to help fans say goodbye to the hit series: via a farewell special airing the night of the series finale. Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco will host, and it's sounds like must-see TV for longtime Big Bang viewers. Both the finale and the farewell special will air Thursday, May 16 on CBS.

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