Check Out The Big Bang Theory Squad Celebrating Milestone As Longest Running Multi-Cam Sitcom

The end of The Big Bang Theory is coming in the not-too-distant future, and unless CBS gets moving on some of those potential spinoffs, the present-day characters fans have come to know and love will be gone from the small screen. The series finale is still more than a month away, and the show has something to celebrate in the meantime: a big milestone. With Season 12, The Big Bang Theory becomes the longest-running multi-camera comedy in TV history. Take a look at how the BBT squad celebrated!

What better way to celebrate a milestone than with baked goods? The Big Bang Theory makes TV history with its 276th episode this spring, which ranks it ahead of Cheers as the longest-running multi-cam comedy. The cast, crew, and producers took the time to celebrate the achievement with cupcakes after the table read for the historic episode.

You can definitely tell that it's from a table read rather than a break between scenes. When has Leonard ever looked as snazzy as Johnny Galecki does in this pic? Not to mention Jim Parsons' glasses! Although the pic is taken from too far away to show it clearly, Jim Parsons is holding up what appears to be the script for the big installment.

The celebration must be for a relatively small group rather than a huge party, as there aren't that many cupcakes on display. Plenty for the 11 people in the photo, along with whoever is taking the pic! Check out a closer look at the cupcakes:

The numbers on the cupcakes appear to be decorated with flowers on top of the orange icing, and the whole display looks pretty tasty. It's only fitting that the celebration is happening in the hallway between the apartments that started out as Penny's on the left and Leonard and Sheldon's on the right. The apartments have changed to allow the married couples to live together, with Sheldon/Amy in Penny's old apartment and Penny/Leonard in Sheldon and Leonard's old apartment.

The photos don't give away what to expect from the 276th episode of the series, and fans have a while to wait before they find out for themselves. The milestone episode doesn't air until some point in May. Given that the series finale debuts on Thursday, May 16th and the 276th episode isn't being celebrated as the finale, it's probably safe to say that Episode 276 will air on May 2 or May 9.

Only time will tell. The next episode of The Big Bang Theory will bring back none other than Sean Astin, who spoke with CinemaBlend about his appearances in not one but two more episodes before the final credits role. Catch that episode on Thursday, April 4 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Don't forget to check out our rundown of five Big Bang Theory guest stars we want to see again before the end!

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