Supernatural 'Is Jared And Jensen': The CW Boss Shuts Down Spinoff Talk

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Supernatural is headed towards its final season, and after it's done there may be a void in the lives of several fans (and stars) who have stuck with The CW series all these years. It's led many to ask about the development of a spinoff, and if maybe, just maybe, the future of this franchise may survive from another show. Unfortunately, The CW's President Mark Pedowitz shut that talk down real quick at TCA, and it sounds like one isn't happening anytime soon.

CinemaBlend was there to hear Mark Pedowitz talk about spinoff struggles, and to explain why he didn't see one happening. As for why, he thinks one big reason behind Supernatural's success is the two stars who have shouldered the franchise for going on 15 seasons.

I’ve been involved in two spinoffs that did not connect. We’ve had no further discussions whatsoever in terms of a Supernatural spinoff. I tend to believe that, at this point, the show’s essence is Jared and Jensen.

Don't take offense, Supernatural fans, it's completely understandable why Mark Pedowitz would feel that way. To date, he's been a part of the failed Supernatural: Bloodlines in 2013, and the Wayward Sisters pilot back in 2017. Both projects appeared to show promise at the start, but ultimately, were passed on by The CW and not ordered to series. Unfortunately, the common denominator between both is that decision makers believed neither lived up to the expectations or quality standards of the original series.

The most interesting bit of Mark Pedowitz comments isn't that he's skeptical of a Supernatural spinoff's success, but that no meaningful premises for a spinoff have surfaced in the time since Wayward Sisters was officially shot down. Of course, no one necessarily knew Supernatural only had a few more seasons left in the tank at that point, and perhaps if that was common knowledge, someone would've hopped on the drawing board a lot sooner to find another idea.

With that said, if Mark Pedowitz is of the opinion that Supernatural's success is rooted in Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, then perhaps the network's focus is to find more ways to incorporate them in future projects on the network rather than trying yet again to find a premise from the show's universe to turn into a viable series. Perhaps that's the plan, and then maybe a decade from now reboot it like it has with other CW classics?

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