What Yellowstone's New Season 3 Casting Reveals About How Season 2 Will End

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Yellowstone spoilers lie ahead!

A new Season 3 casting for the ratings hit Yellowstone reveals some interesting insight into how Season 2 will end. There are three episodes left of the current season and production is already underway on the next. The casting news reveals that a significant character will survive to see Season 3. Who is it?

This casting news indicates that Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) will make it through the final episodes of Season 2. Why? Yellowstone has cast his political rival. The Alienist’s Q’orianka Kilcher has joined the cast of Season 3 in the role of Angela Blue Thunder. Thunder is said to be a Native American political opponent of Rainwater’s. Why does she oppose him?

Angela Blue Thunder believes that Thomas Rainwater’s management of the casino has amounted to a catastrophe, per Deadline. Thunder will reportedly go to Rainwater’s office prepared to punish the world, including Rainwater, for everything it has done to her. Are there any more Season 3 clues?

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Yes. The new Yellowstone character is said to be a woman experiencing pain from her past and a present-day “unadulterated fury.” Along with providing another fascinating facet to the show, her casting reveals one vital detail about how Season 2 will play out regarding Rainwater. Whatever happens, he will survive the war against Malcolm Beck.

Yellowstone kicked off its second season with Thomas Rainwater’s disturbing nightmare, which ended with him presumably getting shot by Dan Jenkins. It turns out, that nightmare did not foreshadow his demise in Season 2. This news is a significant clue as the second season continues to ramp up the tension between its leads and newcomer Malcolm Beck.

Malcolm Beck has made no secret of his lack of love for Thomas Rainwater and Dan Jenkins’ business plans. In the seventh episode, Rainwater learned that one of the workers from the casino had been brutally murdered. All signs indicate that Malcolm Beck had the murder committed.

Thanks to the trailer for the final three episodes, viewers know that John Dutton (Kevin Costner) will be forging a new alliance. Dutton is set to recruit Thomas Rainwater and Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston). The trio’s joint goal is to bring down Neal McDonough’s Malcolm Beck, an enemy they all share in common.

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Will they succeed? You will have to stay tuned to find out if and how they manage to do it. It is pretty clear that the Duttons’ ranch will be operating in Season 3. Animal Kingdom’s Jennifer Landon will join Yellowstone as a new expert wrangler, Teeter. She is described as a “snuff dipping” and “sunbaked.”

The Season 3 additions mentioned above will join an original Yellowstone star who was promoted to series regular. The casting news comes after the previously announced introduction of a Lost favorite in a highly intriguing new role.

Find out how Season 2 starts to come to an end when new episodes of Yellowstone Season 2 air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. The epic Western is part of summer’s television premieres.

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