Yellowstone Trailer: The Duttons Are Getting Ready For War After Brutal Attack

Yellowstone John Dutton Kevin Costner Paramount Network
(Image credit: Yellowstone Screenshot / Paramount Network)
(Image credit: Yellowstone Screenshot / Paramount Network)

Spoilers for Yellowstone Season 2, Episode 7 (“Resurrection Day”) are discussed below.

Season 2, Episode 7 was a severe one for the Duttons. Beth (Kelly Reilly) was brutally attacked by men sent by Malcolm Beck (Neal McDonough). Well, the Duttons are ready to take revenge on the next Yellowstone. The trailer for the next episodes shows John Dutton (Kevin Costner) joining forces with his former foes to end Beck and his brother.

Check out the trailer for the final three episodes of Season 2 below and then reconvene for some Yellowstone speculation afterward!

There is a lot is going on in this epic Yellowstone trailer! First up is the seismic development of John Dutton meeting with Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston). Despite their previous issues, it looks like all of them are going to ally against their common enemy: Malcolm Beck. Explosions can be seen happening among many other developments.

Kayce is in tactical gear at one point and can be seen looking quite upset later on. This is going to be a full-blown war! Nothing less. When John broaches the subject of Malcolm Beck, Dan Jenkins says that they need to kill him. This is clearly not going to be the hardest issue that John Dutton has ever had to argue.

Has there been foreshadowing about how it will all play out? Worth noting is the disturbing dream that Thomas Rainwater had when Yellowstone kicked off Season 2. Did the shocking season premiere give viewers a glimpse into what is to come? In case you do not remember, here is a refresher.

In a dream sequence, viewers could hear shoveling and see a bloodied Thomas Rainwater. He looked over to see a burning tree and then a woman on fire before he was shown sitting beside Dan Jenkins. The right side of Jenkins’ face was bloody. After asking what happened to him, Jenkins pulled a gun and presumably shot Thomas Rainwater, who then woke up from the nightmare.

Could that have been any indication of how things are going to go down between the current business associates? It might. In related Yellowstone news, the sheriff can be seen warning John about making sure he does this “right.”

It seems like Beth and her sister-in-law Monica (Kelsey Asbille) may be about to enjoy some long-overdue bonding. They can be seen discussing what happened to Beth. Beth assures Monica that it is a result of the “family business.” Beth can also be heard saying that she is going to kill someone with her own bare hands. It is unclear who she is speaking to.

The Yellowstone trailer shows Dan Jenkins as she says it, but I cannot think of a reason she would want to kill him. On an unrelated note, Beth can be seen telling an emotional Monica not to leave what appears to be a store they are in together. Has someone mistreated Monica? If so, is Beth about to destroy whoever did? I cannot wait to find out.

This is the most uneasy part of the trailer:

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Kelly Reilly Paramount Network

(Image credit: Yellowstone Screenshot / Paramount Network)

Who is the person lying face down? As previous teases have shown, that is not a good sign. Beth’s upset expression makes me think it could be someone close to the Dutton family. John Dutton can also be seen walking to the field. Is he coming because something terrible happened to a family member?

As for the Dutton brothers, Kayce (Luke Grimes) can be seen pressing past the authorities, while Jamie’s ex-girlfriend can be seen reappearing. It does not seem like the interview issue is over. The investigation into Jamie (Wes Bentley) committing murder may not be either.

Find out how the war against Malcolm Beck ramps up when new episodes of Yellowstone Season 2 air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. The series is part of summer’s television premieres.

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