One Yellowstone Star Already Got A Big Promotion For Season 3

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It was not that long ago that Paramount Network announced it had renewed Yellowstone for a third season. With that announcement, it simultaneously revealed that a significant Lost star would be joining the cast of the drama’s next installment. Now comes more news about Season 3’s ensemble. Yellowstone just gave one of its current stars a huge promotion!

Actor Denim Richards, who plays cowboy wrangler Colby, has gotten promoted to series regular, per Deadline. Richards has appeared in a recurring capacity during the series’ first two seasons. We will discuss what his additional duties could mean for Yellowstone in just a second.

Season 3 is currently filming. Promoting Denim Richards could indicate any number of plot developments. Season 2 has barely gotten underway, so it is tough to say what it could mean. Following two episodes, the series is taking a short break before it returns following the July 4th holiday. Thankfully, there is a dramatic trailer to keep fans slightly satiated while they wait.

Denim Richards getting upped to series regular should impact Colby in a significant way. The question is, how. Could this news mean that Colby will get a promotion at the ranch? He is currently a wrangler. However, Kevin Costner’s John Dutton just approved a big change to the ranch setup. He put Kayce in charge of the bunkhouse, displacing Rip from that position.

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Kevin Costner explained John’s reasoning for the move. Kayce has already made some changes. Now that he is in charge, he may also want to promote Colby. It would seem that something like that could happen. Again, it is a little too early to say. As Season 2 progresses, it should be easier to tell.

Clearly, Denim Richards getting promoted indicates that Colby will have an expanded role on Yellowstone in the future. It will be interesting to see how Yellowstone brings him into the story more. Will Colby have a major moment in Season 2 that sets up his more prominent role in Season 3? It is possible.

For those unfamiliar with it, Yellowstone is a modern-set Western and currently, the cable series to beat in the ratings. It stars Kevin Costner as John Dutton, a father to multiple adult children and the owner of the eponymous Yellowstone ranch.

Fresh off a near-death experience in the season premiere, John is back in business and preparing his son, Kayce, to lead the ranch and the family into the future. They have yet to confront Arrow actor Neal McDonough’s new character. That should be a situation, in and of itself. Could Colby get involved with that story? Stay tuned.

Find out what is next for Denim Richards’ Colby when the epic drama continues. New episodes of Yellowstone will return beginning on Wednesday, July 10 at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. Yellowstone is part of television’s fresh summer content.

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