Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: What Happens With John Paul Jones And Tayshia?

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 John Paul Jones confronts Derek Peth in promo ABC

SPOILERS ahead from Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Season 6.

John Paul Jones is bringing a much needed quirky bro charm to Bachelor in Paradise 2019. He's Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet meets Keanu Reeves as Ted. And -- per the promo -- his "reputation is impeccable!" I mean, who really expected Bachelorette Hannah's alum to woo Bachelor Colton's finalist Tayshia Adams with Shakespeare? I found myself rooting for them as a couple, and it sounds like there's good, then bad, and now back to good news on that front!

Tayshia gave her rose to John Paul Jones at the second rose ceremony, which happened after that whole Jordan/Christian fight drama. However, after that, two Bachelor alumni picked JPJ for dates -- and then ended up fighting each other.

Bachelor Colton alum Tahzjuan Hawkins and Bachelor Ben H. alum Haley Ferguson showed up and both asked John Paul Jones on dates. Then Tahzjuan and Haley had a spat. One Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 promo already showed John Paul Jones getting pretty intimate with Haley when putting sunblock on her. He gave her a rose at the third rose ceremony. (Tahzjuan left without a rose.)

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Tayshia Adams

Meanwhile, Tayshia got a rose from Derek Peth, who ended up losing his Paradise partner when Demi Burnett's girlfriend from back home, Kristian Haggerty, showed up and Demi decided to stick with her to the end.

You've probably seen the Bachelor in Paradise promo moment with JPJ confronting Derek about how he "takes advantage of women." That was in defense of Tayshia, with JPJ feeling like Derek was just using Tayshia, in part for his own podcast. Derek reportedly left the show at that point, and Tayshia gave her rose to John Paul Jones at the fourth rose ceremony. (Haley gave her rose to Luke Stone -- the tequila business guy that clashed with Bachelorette's Luke P. -- who arrived around at that point.)

At the fifth rose ceremony -- which will probably air next year the way ABC likes to drag out each one -- John Paul Jones once again gave a rose to Tayshia. That was the last rose ceremony before the Bachelor in Paradise couples had to decide whether to take the overnight dates or split up and go home.

So where do things stand with John Paul Jones and Tayshia at the end of Bachelor in Paradise?

According to Reality Steve, JPJ and Tayshia split up and didn't take an overnight date. Steve said he believed Tayshia was the one who ended things. UPDATE: Apparently John Paul Jones and Tayshia reconnected after Paradise, because Reality Steve reported on August 27 that JPJ and Tayshia are seeing each other and we'll see that at the reunion!

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Before the update that John Paul Jones and Tayshia were seeing each other, I was wondering if John Paul Jones might even have a shot at being the 2020 Bachelor. Mike Johnson showing up on Bachelor in Paradise might've been his Bachelor audition, and pilot Peter Weber was waiting in the wings off-show, and who knows what's going on with Tyler C. anymore. But what about uniquely chivalrous goofball JPJ? It'll be interesting to see how fans feel about him at the end of Bachelor in Paradise.

Chris Harrison had said they were purposely waiting until after Paradise before picking the 2020 rosegiver to gauge fan reactions ... and then the next Bachelor was spoiled well before the BiP season ended anyway. Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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