Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Who's In The Full 2019 Cast? These 37 Alumni

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SPOILERS ahead from Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Season 6.

Yes, 37, at least -- and there were almost more. Bachelor in Paradise is like a supersized version of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The summer spinoff starts with about 20 people and adds (and subtracts) from there in a conveyor belt of love, lust, and tears. Here's a spoilery preview of what to expect in the 2019 season.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 filmed for about three weeks in June 2019 and will air two nights a week for six weeks, starting this Monday, August 5 on ABC.

It looks like there will be 20 women and 17 men across the Season 19 season. As usual, most of the Paradisers are from the most recent 2019 seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. However, apparently there was room to bring back Bachelor Nation stalwart Chris Bukowski -- and Reality Steve's spoilers suggest things end very well for him.

Here are The Bachelor and The Bachelorette alumni who'll be on Bachelor in Paradise, per Reality Steve:

MENCam Ayala (Bachelorette Hannah's 2019 season)Dylan Barbour (Hannah's season)Chris Bukowski (Bachelorette Emily, Bachelorette Andi, Bachelor Pad Season 2, Bachelor in Paradise Seasons 1 and 2)"Old" Matt Donald (Hannah’s season)Christian Estrada (Bachelorette Becca’s 2018 season)Kevin Fortenberry (Hannah’s season)Clay Harbor (Becca's season)Blake Horstmann (Becca’s season)Mike Johnson (Hannah’s season)John Paul Jones (Hannah)Jordan Kimball (Becca’s season, BIP 5)Chase McNary (Bachelorette JoJo’s 2016 season)Derek Peth (JoJo’s season, Bachelor in Paradise Season 4)Connor Saeli (Hannah’s season)Luke Stone (Hannah’s season).Wills Reid (Becca's season)Dean Unglert (Rachel’s season, Bachelor in Paradise Season 4)WOMENTayshia Adams (Bachelor Colton's 2019 season)Jane Aver (Colton's season)Angela Amezcua (Bachelor Nick's 2017 season, Bachelor in Paradise Season 5)Bri Barnes (Colton’s season)Demi Burnett (Colton's season)Revian Chang (Colton’s season)Caitlin Clemmens (Colton’s season)Onyeka Ehie (Colton's season)Haley Ferguson (Bachelor Ben Higgins' 2016 season)Whitney Fransway (Nick’s season)Hannah Godwin (Colton’s season)Tahzjuan Hawkins (Colton’s season)Bibiana Julian (Bachelor Arie’s 2018 season, Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, Bachelor Winter Games)Nicole Lopez-Alvar (Colton’s season)Sydney Lotuaco (Colton’s season)Caelynn Miller-Keyes (Colton’s season)Katie Morton (Colton’s season)Annaliese Puccini (Arie's season)Kristina Schulman (Nick’s season, Bachelor in Paradise Season 4)Jen Saviano (Ben Higgins' season, Bachelor in Paradise Season 2)

Phew! That's a lot. I'm happy to see Bachelorette Hannah's Mike Johnson on the list. There was a time when being in Paradise might be a bad sign for someone's Bachelor chances, but since ABC has yet to announce the 2020 rosegiver, Mike being on the show keeps him in the public eye. Also, the spoilers suggest Mike does not find lasting love in Paradise, so he may be ready to hand out roses.

However, the promos have been playing up John Paul Jones, and it looks like he has a strong showing in Paradise. I'm still considering him a dark horse in the Bachelor 2020 race. If Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown don't get together, Tyler may be the Bachelor frontrunner, followed by Mike and Peter Weber neck-and-neck, then maybe JPJ if there's a whole fan movement.

Also, leave room for the option of someone pulling a Joe Amabile and going from Bachelor in Paradise to Dancing With the Stars. That's another option.

Reality Steve added that Bachelor in Paradise 2019 -- aka a total dumpster fire, if you ask Demi Burnett, although it sounds like she has a happy ending -- had three other potential contestants flown out to Mexico, but they were never brought on the show:

Brooks Forester (Bachelorette Desiree's 2013 season, he quit at final 3)Nina Bartula (Bachelor Colton’s season)Danielle Lombard (Bachelor Nick's season, and part of the whole Dean/Kristina drama of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4)

I don't even remember Nina off the top of my head, but as a longtime Bachelor/ette viewer I'm surprised and disappointed they didn't bring Brooks back. They already have so many recent contestants, and I'm curious to see what he's up to. I'm also surprised they didn't try to maximize the Dean drama by having D-Lo join Dean and Kristina, since they are both in Paradise this year -- and it sounds like things end pretty well for at least one of them.

Right after Bachelor in Paradise 2019 started taping, Reality Steve updated with a warning that most of the early drama would be about Blake. Bachelorette Becca's runner-up apparently tries to juggle half the women in the house and it backfires spectacularly.

Bachelor in Paradise Blake Kristina ABC

Some other early -- but not Episode 1 or maybe even Week 1 -- drama includes a fight that leads to two guys being thrown out. The promo has teased that, and it shouldn't shock you to hear that Jordan Kimball is involved.

Here's the starting lineup for Bachelor in Paradise, i.e. the people we'll see in the first week:

MENKevinJPJDylanCamBlakeWillsClayDerekChrisWOMENHannah G.CaelynnNicoleOnyekaTayshiaSydneyJaneDemiKatieBibianaAnnalieseKristina arrives Day 2.

According to Reality Steve's episode-by-episode spoilers, Blake starts his drama by getting the first date card and asking out Tayshia. Kristina gets a card on Day 2 and asks out Blake, which continues that drama. Clay gets a date card and asks out Nicole, and apparently that's some separate drama, since Annaliese is friends with Clay's ex-girlfriend Nicole, and Annaliese wasn't happy Clay was even on the show. She apparently felt Clay pulled a Peter (not sorry for calling it that) and broke up with Angela just to be on Bachelor in Paradise.

Sounds like it doesn't help Annaliese Puccini much since she is one of the three women to leave after the first rose ceremony (not to be confused with the first episode), along with Bibiana Julian and Jane Aver.

Check out a promo for the season:

It's going to be a wild ride. Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 starts its craziness this Monday and Tuesday August 5-6 at 8 p.m. each night on ABC.

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