So, Will The Next Bachelor 2020 Be Peter Or Mike? Bachelorette Hannah Weighs In

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Since I follow The Bachelorette spoilers, the only major surprise from Hannah Brown's 2019 Season 15 finale was when she asked out Tyler Cameron for drinks. I was so pleasantly surprised -- clapping like a damn seal -- it took me a minute to realize that probably took Tyler C. out of the running to be The Bachelor 2020.

So, at the moment, it looks like the next Bachelor will probably be either Mike Johnson or Peter Weber. That said, ABC is probably going to hold an announcement until after Bachelor in Paradise, which is why I kept John Paul Jones as a possible dark horse in the running. He got a big showcase at the "Men Tell All" and it looks like he may be a favorite on Bachelor in Paradise.

But I still think it will be Mike or Peter, and I'm hoping it's Mike. I'm not feeling Peter, and not just because of the ex-girlfriend thing. I thought his pool table move was more sloppy than sexy. And I know everyone is gaga for the four times in a windmill, but did Hannah, ahem, enjoy herself all four times or did pilot Pete just enjoy himself? Big distinction. She did dump him right after that.

Anyway, Bachelorette Hannah went right from dumping Jed and asking out Tyler C. to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy spent a good amount of time patting himself -- really his wife -- on the back for "predicting" Jed would be the guy Hannah picked.

During their chat, Jimmy asked Hannah which guy she'd like to see as the next Bachelor. Here's how that conversation played out:

Hannah: It's so weird picking the Bachelor from my ex-boyfriends.Jimmy: Do you think of them as your ex-boyfriends? Why don't you think of them as people who were on a show you were also briefly on.Hannah: Well, when I think of it that way...Jimmy: Think of it that way, 'cause that is the way. These men were not your boyfriends. A casting director found them and brought them to you and you kicked most of them off, right?Hannah: I did do that. I mean, I thought Peter was really great. Mike's great. I want them to have happiness, so maybe it'll work out better for them than it did for me.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live audience gave a big cheer for Peter. The "Men Tell All" audience gave big love to Mike last week. Jimmy is right, though. She "dated" these guys for about two months, each guy maybe enough to fill a couple of weeks.

So that's why I do still tilt my head and squint at Peter after his whole ex-girlfriend situation. They -- like Jed and his "ex" -- were together a lot longer than the ABC show films. She said Peter dumped her to be on the show, feeling betrayed that he was applying for The Bachelorette while planning for them to go on trips and move in together. Peter told People he wasn't still dating her when he interviewed for The Bachelorette, saying the casting process and his first interview were months after they broke up. (According to his ex, he broke up with her just days before Christmas. The Bachelorette started taping in mid-March, so you have to imagine he applied and was interviewed well before that point.)

Anyway, Peter told People he'd be up for being the next Bachelor:

I know this whole situation didn’t work out the way I was hoping, but Hannah truly showed me a different love than I had ever felt. So it’s given me hope that I have more love to find. I wouldn’t say no to trying it again because I know the experience works. And I’m hopeful that my person is right around the corner.

I won't be surprised if ABC gives the job to Peter. He's the kind of guy they gravitate toward. Plus, they brought his family to the finale, keeping his whole team in the public eye. Apparently Bachelor Colton Underwood would also like Peter to be the next rosegiver, but only because Cassie Randolph said Peter was cute, so Colton joked that he wants Peter off the market.

Mike also said he'd be open to handing out roses. Here's what he told Extra when asked if he'd be up for being the Bachelor:

Well, I would say I'm just super grateful for even being in the question. That's the honest truth. Would I be up for it? There would be a lot of questions I would want to ask and I would pay attention to everything they say. Because love is a very real thing ... when I say I love you I mean that, whether it's on TV or not. So I want to make sure when I say I love you, it's real.

I hope Mike is the next Bachelor. I was torn when it looked like it would be Tyler C. or Mike. If Tyler and Hannah do move forward with their runner-up relationship, then just let Mike start handing out roses. I don't need to hear another year of windmill jokes.

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