Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: What Happens To Jordan And Christian After The Big Beach Fight

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Spoilers ahead for the August 13 episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6.

Recent seasons in the Bachelor franchise have featured one big, incredible, insane twist that could be hyped up in trailers and still deliver when it finally went down. Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor had the fence jump, Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette had her windmill sex, and Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise has the beach blowout between Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada.

The fight between Jordan and Christian was such a big deal that it was being hyped before either guy was officially introduced as part of the Bachelor in Paradise cast of Season 6, and for good reason. Paradise has been packed with sniping and squabbling and even backstabbing over the years, but never two contestants literally brawling on the beach. That is not cocktail party behavior!

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Well, Bachelor in Paradise is continuing to stretch the drama out from week to week, so the entire fight hasn't been shown in full just yet. The good news is that the August 13 episode showed what started the fight and how it escalated, and spoilers for what's to come reveal what happened to Jordan and Christian.

What Started The Fight Between Jordan And Christian?

As pretty much anybody probably would have guessed, the fight was over a potential love interest who two of the guys had their eye on: Nicole Lopez-Alvar. What you might not have guessed is that one of the guys who got into the fight wasn't one of the guys who wanted Nicole. Count on Jordan to stick his nose in!

Nicole and Clay Harbor seemed like one of the more solid couples in Paradise up until this latest episode. There was minimal drama, and Nicole accepting a date from Jordan didn't result in anything other than her realizing that Clay was still the top contender for her heart. Then, Christian showed up with a date card and swept Nicole off on a jet ski date that involved a lot of innuendo and some making out on the beach.

Things got ugly for the first time after Nicole and Christian returned from their date, and Clay was checking in with her on one of the beach couches. Christian approached to steal Nicole away because he wanted to "finish" their date, which resulted in some Clay vs. Christian bickering over Bachelor in Paradise customs while Nicole looked on. Ah, romance. Christian eventually walked away, but Nicole told Clay she wanted him to be more aggressive.

Clay is decidedly not the most aggressive guy in Paradise, but he wound up with a hype man of his own who had the aggression covered: Jordan. Not holding it against Clay than Nicole preferred him to Jordan, Jordan was Team Clay in the Clay vs. Christian cold war. He egged Clay on to go confront Christian when Christian pulled Nicole aside with a sensual snack and piñata at the cocktail party.

I can only assume that Clay is head-over-heels for Nicole, as that's the only reasonable explanation for why he would take the advice of Jordan, of all people! Clay ineffectually tried to pull Nicole away from Christian, but returned empty-handed with the claim that he didn't want to put her in an uncomfortable position.

This wasn't enough for Jordan, who felt the need to defend Clay's honor in the whole mess. Because Jordan is Jordan, he decided he was going to wreck the piñata, despite Clay actively trying to settle him down. Nobody treats Jordan's buddy like that, apparently! Jordan declared that he had to "go fix this for us" and strode away to wreck the piñata.

Jogging along the beach in his button-down shirt and khaki shorts, I can't say that Jordan cut the most intimidating figure, but he got the attention of everybody else on the beach. Though Jordan apologized in a very Jordan way when he arrived at the spot where Nicole and Christian were lounging, he began to take down the piñata on Clay's behalf. Christian stood up to physically stop him.

Until this point, nobody really seemed to think that anything would come of this fight, and Nicole was even laughing a little bit at the sight of two grown men struggling to hold onto a piñata. Then, things escalated.

It's difficult to say which was the moment that turned what could have been a minor scuffle into a full-blown fight. Christian got pretty mad and kind of grabby pretty quickly, while Jordan seemed to be more or less messing around, but Jordan seemed to be the first one to cross a line that couldn't be uncrossed.

Honestly, at one point, I thought I saw Jordan trying to choke Christian with the piñata string. Christian swung a kick that could have left a major bruise if it connected. Jordan landed the biggest blow when he managed to bodily throw Christian hard down onto the sand in what looked an awful lot like a body slam.

The episode cut to a "To Be Continued" card before viewers could see exactly what had happened, but the rest of the contestants started freaking out as soon as it became clear that Jordan and Christian were genuinely fighting, and trailer glimpses show security guards racing out onto the beach to try and break up the fight. To think, it wasn't that long ago that all the Blake drama was the biggest deal on Bachelor in Paradise!

What Happens To Jordan And Christian After The Fight?

SPOILERS AHEAD. Unfortunately for fans who love Jordan's commentary on the Bachelor in Paradise shenanigans (especially when paired with Demi) and want to see more of Christian smoldering at the swooning ladies, the fight is the end of the line for both of them in Season 6, according to Reality Steve.

Both Christian and Jordan were reportedly asked to leave Bachelor in Paradise after their throwdown on the beach, which really isn't all that surprising. A lot of shady stuff may go down in Paradise, but overt violence that requires a bunch of security guards to intervene is too much.

That said, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't entertained by the fact that Jordan gets kicked out of Paradise because he decided to involve himself in something that was none of his business to defend Clay's honor. Considering that the body slam was the cliffhanger, I imagine the show will jump right back into the fight in the next episode. Personally, I have a lot of questions.

Does one or both of them suffer any kind of injury from the fight, or do they luck out based on the fact that they were fighting on sand and wearing beach clothes? How will the other contestants react to the unexpected violence? Will Clay or Nicole be blamed for any of it? What was in the piñata?

Hopefully Bachelor in Paradise will answer at least some of these questions sooner rather than later. Oddly enough, this fight probably works out in favor of some of the guys who are left behind in Paradise. The cocktail party was the last chance the guys had before the rose ceremony to win a lady's affection, and the count was 13 guys to 9 women. Four guys weren't going to get roses.

Now, only two guys are going to be eliminated in the rose ceremony since Christian and Jordan went and eliminated themselves! And hey, now Clay lost his top rival for Nicole's heart. This probably isn't how he would have wanted to win over Christian, but he didn't start or escalate the fight! If anything, he firmly, clearly, and repeatedly washed his hands of Jordan before Jordan even made it to the piñata.

Find out what happens in the aftermath of the beach fight when new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise air Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Be sure to make the most of the Bachelor franchise drama while you can, as the upcoming fall TV lineup is devoid of all things Bachelor. Hopefully the big announcement of the next leading man will happen sooner rather than later!

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