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Does John Paul Jones Have A Shot At The Bachelor 2020 After Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers?

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MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Season 6 and Bachelorette Hannah Brown's Season 15 finale.

Yas, queen? Depending on when ABC announces The Bachelor 2020, John Paul Jones may have a serious shot. He became popular on 2019 Bachelorette Hannah Brown's Season 15, despite having very little screen time. He had a big showing during "The Men Tell All" special -- those bloopers! -- and it's clear he'll have a big presence in Bachelor in Paradise 2019. Sounds like JPJ will have a positive showing, too.

Since The Bachelor traditionally doesn't start filming until September, ahead of its early January premiere, the producers could technically wait until after Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 ends to announce the next Bachelor. In that case, having a positive showing on Bachelor in Paradise could keep JPJ fresh in viewers' minds. By then, he may be the one fans want over other top candidates like Mike or Tyler C.

ABC's big Bachelor in Paradise promo already teased John Paul Jones gets into a fight with Bachelorette and BiP alum Derek Peth, accusing Derek of disrespecting women:

Don't insult my intelligence, Derek. You're full of [bleep]. You take advantage of women. Get out of my sight.

That's certainly the kind of thing viewers might appreciate in a guy they already like. Spoiler guru Reality Steve just posted the Bachelor in Paradise 2019 episode-by-episode spoilers with a few more details on that fight. He said we'll see the fight during Rose Ceremony #4. JPJ reportedly accuses Derek of using women, or specifically using Bachelor Colton alum Tayshia Adams, and JPJ defends Tayshia. Tayshia seems to take JPJ's side and Derek cries and leaves the show.

After that, it looks like John Paul Jones gives Tayshia a rose, but they break up before the overnight dates. Steve said he believes Tayshia is the one who broke it off.

If that's why we see JPJ crying in the Bachelor in Paradise promo, it may make viewers sympathetic for him, wanting him to find love.

It looks like, at one point, John Paul Jones also gets deep in Haley Ferguson's bathing suit to put on lotion. (Side note: It also looks like both BiP veteran Haley and Bachelor Colton alum Tahzjuan Hawkins go on dates with JPJ early in the season and then get into a fight with each other. That's before JPJ and Tayshia get together.) The promo shows Haley say...

I can say with confidence that I've never met anybody like John Paul Jones.

Will John Paul Jones get enough of a positive showing to convince producers to make him the next Bachelor? It may seem like a long-shot from here, but if he gets the last visual word in like this before an announcement, then it's very possible. Check out the Bachelor in Paradise 2019 promo:

However, it's also possible Chris Harrison and company already plan to announce the next Bachelor on The Bachelorette "After the Final Rose." I don't know, because there are no spoilers for that yet. But we do know the second night of the finale is meant to show how Bachelorette Hannah broke up with her fiancée, so announcing the new Bachelor would be a way to end on a more positive note.

In that case, they would not go with John Paul Jones. The Bachelor 2020 would most likely be either Bachelorette Hannah's reported runner-up, Tyler Cameron -- there was an early rumor he might be getting the job -- or the very popular potential first black Bachelor, Mike Johnson.

I'm tempted to add a poll asking who you want to be the next Bachelor, but at this point The Bachelorette Season 15 finale hasn't even aired yet, never mind John Paul Jones' showcase on Bachelor in Paradise. To be fair, I'll wait on that question. It may be rendered moot this time next week if ABC announces the next rosegiver on Tuesday's second night of the finale.

The Bachelorette 2019 ends this Monday and Tuesday July 29-30, and then Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 will air Mondays and Tuesdays through August on ABC. Here are a bunch of other spoilers on what happens in the BiP summer spinoff.

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